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insomnia64: Final Standings

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Insomnia64 finished on Monday afternoon, and after four days of competition we saw London Esports crowned the tournament champion. In a slightly delayed release (somehow I managed to pull my back closing my garden gate yesterday morning), here is the full final standings post for the event.

This post will see the main tournament standings first, with the top four from the Intermediate tournament in the following list.

Main Tournament

First: London Esports – £3,000

Second: DarkSpawn Gaming – £1,500

Third: Fierce Esports – £1,000

Fourth: Exillium – £750

5th/6th: Wind and Rain
5th/6th: ZONE444

7th/8th: Horus Esports
7th/8th: ChromeGG

9th-12th: ReflexEU
9th-12th: Dark Fruits In The Woods
9th-12th: Dogs Trust

13th-16th: Socially Esports
13th-16th: Always Late-
13th-16th: seaworldgang
13th-16th: MJ’s U7s

17th-29th: CRUNCH !
17th-29th: Bread Barons
17th-29th: School of Rock
17th-29th: El Fish
17th-29th: FAB?
17th-29th: KDR
17th-29th: Blackout Gaming
17th-29th: Danny Devito’s Disciples
17th-29th: Omen Esports
17th-29th: OverPowered Vortex
17th-29th: Complex Gaming
17th-29th: Titty Inc.
17th-29th: habbo club

30th-39th: Frog Esports
30th-39th: Bongo Bears
30th-39th: 200 Knives
30th-39th: TroubleShooterz
30th-39th: Pisshead Phanboys
30th-39th: Swirlers
30th-39th: mousemasters
30th-39th: Meat Lust
30th-39th: GILFS
30th-39th: Homo Erectus

30th-43rd: Mint
30th-43rd: Impact Esports
30th-43rd: Mint – D&O
30th-43rd: AEC

44th: T1TAN

Intermediate Tournament

The top four are as follows:

First: KDR – £500 + 5 BYOC Tickets to insomnia65

Second: Socially Esports

Third/Fourth: Titty Inc.
Third/Fourth: Omen Esports

The next BYOC LAN tournament in the UK will be epic27, held at the Kettering Conference Centre between June 13th-16th. The next Insomnia will be Insomnia65 at the NEC, Birmingham, between 23rd-26th August.

Before then, the next UK action will be seen at the epicLAN Grosvenor Championship Finals in Coventry, between May 4th – 5th. featuring Insomnia64 champions London Esports.

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