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insomnia64: Main Tournament Playoffs Day 2

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Sunday sees the second day of the insomnia64 playoff bracket play through, with all games apart from the Grand Final being played.

The schedule for today is as follows:

  • Upper Semi-Finals & Lower Round 3 – 10.30am
  • Lower Round 4 – 2pm
  • Upper Bracket Final – 3pm
  • Lower Bracket Final – 5.30pm
  • Consolidation Final – 9pm

Upper Bracket

Upper Semi Final

Fierce Esports 1-2 DarkSpawn Gaming
1-0 | 0-1 | 0-1
London Esports 2-0 ExilliumGG
Nuke 16-14 | Mirage 16-12 

Upper Final

Winner of this match heads to Monday morning’s Grand Final, with the losing team headed to tonight’s Consolidation Final.

DarkSpawn Gaming 0-2 London Esports
Inferno 25-28 | Nuke 16-7

Lower Bracket

Round Three

Zone444 2-1 Horus Esports
Cache 12-16 | Nuke |16-10 | Mirage 16-10
ChromeGG 0-2 Wind and Rain
Train 10-16 | Nuke 8-16

Lower Semi Finals

Fierce Esports 2-0 Zone444
Inferno 16-9 | Nuke W-FF
Zone444 forfeits the second map because “day0s has to fly home”

Exillium 2-1 Wind and Rain
Cache 10-16 | Train 16-12 | Mirage 16-10

Lower Final

Scheduled for 5:30pm BST.

Fierce Esports 2-1 Exillium
Train 10-16 | Overpass 16-8 | Mirage 16-7

Consolidation Final

Scheduled for 9:00 PM

DarkSpawn Gaming 2-1 Fierce Esports
Inferno 8-16 | Train 19-17 | Mirage `16-5

Insomnia hosting their own esports stream for every tournament for the event. There is a possibility for open GOTVs later in the event, watch this space for details.

We will continually update this article as the tournament progresses and publish updates on our Twitter.

We are live at the event bringing you lots of coverage to keep you up to date on insomnia64 so make sure you stay tuned to UKCSGO over the next few days for full event coverage. You can follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page for all the daily news from insomnia64.

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