Killer Gaming make changes to second season

by Adam HeathMarch 28, 2018

Killer Gaming have made two minor changes to their upcoming second season. They have reduced the size of the tournament, dropping the second division and choosing to just have the one division with all teams in it.

Due to the price difference between Division One and Divison Two entry, the new entry price into this single division season has been reduced to £5 per player. This change has however not changed how the prize money will be divided up, so the first place team will still walk away with 50% of the money raised, and 2nd place will claim 20%.

In a statement published on their website, they said:

If you didn’t see the recent twitter poll, we have recently reduced the entry fees to £5/player and are going to be pushing the Season 2 start date back to May 1st. This is due to lack of interest so far and a few birdies telling me that the timing wasn’t great. Hopefully this will mean we’ll have a nice healthy team pool with an extra month for teams to sign up.

With that said. The early entry discount code “S2EARLY” has been renabled until the 1st April. So make sure you pay your entry fee early to save some pennies.

The registration close date for Season 2 has also been pushed back to the 1st of May, and the season will commence on the May 8th. You can register for Killer Gaming’s second season over on their website – https://www.killergaming.co.uk/

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