UK Premiership Division 2: The playoffs

by Lucas LewisMarch 29, 2018

The final stages before the UK Premiership’s LAN are taking place, and the playoffs for the 2nd division have been drawn. The top four teams from this bracket will meet with the bottom four from this season’s premiership (Nuclear Storm, PMC, Luminary, Radix) for a spot in the next season. Floating around in the playoff bracket are several well known names in the scene, and many other hopeful up and comers.

The first round quarter’s of the bracket are as follows:

Bentl1 Fan Club (14-2) vs Pixel (9-7)

Devious Gaming UK (12-4) vs The Last Resort (12-4)

In the first quarter of the bracket Bentl1’s fan club look like the favourites to take the ESL Relegation spot; They should have no issue dismissing last seeded Pixel from playoffs. Devious Gaming have losses to worse teams than The Last Resort (who are now a strong looking mix after internal changes) during the season, TLR should be able to take the series.

Comparing the players on both mixes, Bentl1’s has the advantage, while TLR should be able to put up a solid fight, I’d predict a 2-1 win.

Bulldog eSports UK (13-3) vs Nation of Power (11-5)

Spitfire Pro (11-5) vs Mighty Luckers (13-3)

Newly formed Bulldog, who qualified for playoffs with a standin and a coach, have everything they need to take the slot from this quarter, their first game likely being a swift 2-0 win. Spitfire, who sit on a lower scoreline due to forfeit losses, can easily take the win in their matchup, their opposing side’s scoreline also unrepresentative due to forfeit wins.

Bulldog vs Spitfire is harder to predict, however I’d see it as being a 2-1 to the new team.

WE HAWT (13-3) vs Chetz (10-6)

mYinsanityEU (12-4) vs Millwall Bushwackers (12-4)

A slightly more stacked bracket, Boaster’s ‘WE HAWT’ is my prediction to take the slot. Millwall against the more established mYinsanity will see strong players against eachother, where I believe that the Bushwackers will take the series, albeit closely. WE HAWT being a favourite team to win the playoffs however will likely have no issues in winning the next two games however.

GrowUp (12-4) vs TeqR (12-4)

Dead Hand Gang (10-6) vs LondonLYNX (14-2)

Both GrowUp and TeqR had impressive seasons, with decisive wins and close losses making up the majority of their games. Head to head, TeqR however took a hard loss against GrowUp, losing 16-3 on Cobble. While a best of one on a fixed map is never a great indicator of best of three results, we’ll likely see a 2-1 to GrowUp.

LondonLYNX have never had much luck in the premiership, however this could be their season. 15th seeded “Dead Hand Gang” shouldn’t be able to match the side, and Lynx have taken a win over GrowUp during the season. All of this on top of a season with only one non-forfeit loss.

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