Multiplay rules updated – more ways to get banned.

by Adam HeathJanuary 4, 2017

The Multiplay rules are no exception to New Year’s resolutions as they have undergone a minor update to add two new platforms they will mirror bans from.

As of 01/01/2017, any player banned from CEVO or FaceIt will pick themselves up a 12 month ban from competing in Multiplay events, including UK Masters qualifiers. As always, Multiplay work on a report-based banning system, rather than keeping track of everyone’s online activities, so they will only issue bans on people that are brought to their attention either directly, or via their engagement on social media and news sites.

FaceIt and CEVO join the list of systems which Multiplay bans off. This list now consists of: ESL, ESEA, FaceIt, CEVO and VAC, all of which pick you up a 12 month ban from Multiplay events.

Each ban that Multiplay mirrors will have the same start date of the initial ban, rather than the date which is was reported to them. They have also stated that bans in this way are not being back-dated. If someone picks up bans on more than one ban on across any of these platforms, then the latest ban will be used as the start date. The ban length of any player can and will be extended if they pick up another ban during their 12 month ban.



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