Rasta Gaming announce their return

by GumpsterApril 29, 2018

It has been a while since we heard much from our owner’s organisation camp. Rasta Gaming has announced their return to competitive CS:GO with a brand new team ready to hit various LAN events and online events over the course of 2018. It is a team that is very much comprised of some familiar names within the UK scene.

Announced on social media last night, Rasta revealed they have rebuilt their CS:GO team with some old familiar faces, including Miran “SpeedyG” Hoyle and Chris “debaser” Flynn. Miran was last seen playing for Reason Gaming in early 2017, but had previously played as a last minute mix team at insomnia59 for the Rasta sides. Chris comes from his former team DOG Gaming, who made an impressive run to the insomnia60 Grand Finals before succumbing 2:0 to the then fm-eSports lineup. Chris has been in and around other sides since then, but nothing official had stuck and took a short competitive break away from the scene.

With that said, it seems like both Miran and Chris have managed to find suitable teammates and partner up once again after being in many teams together over the years, and look set to tear the UK scene up once again. Leo “chz” King is on the Rasta team, he was in the Rasta.Xd lineup that made a run to 5th – 6th at insomnia54, he has previously played for 2seXeh back in the early days of CS:GO before 2seXeh went their separate ways and ended up playing other games.

The final two players that fit the puzzle include David “h0rsey” Warhurst, who was in a VATIC team back in 2016, whilst Aaron “T0rn” Dixon rounds off the team.

reason gaming, speedyg

An agreement made many LAN events ago, now sees Blanks oversee SpeedyG once again.

Rasta Gaming new lineup is as follows:

Miran “SpeedyG” Hoyle
David “h0rsey” Warhurst
Leo “Chz” King
Chris “debaser” Flynn
Aaron “T0rn” Dixon

Rasta Gaming will be looking to play in some selective online tournaments and with UK Masters round the corner, they will be able to show off their skill soon.

With all these announcements coming in, why not make sure you keep up to date with the UKCSGO website, through our Twitter & Facebook pages, so that you keep clued up on the UK Counter-Strike scene.

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