Wind and Rain change two

by Lucas LewisApril 30, 2018

After a string of unfavourable results, the core of Wind and Rain have opted to change two players. Travis “L1NK” Mendoza announced earlier today that he was open for offers, followed shortly by a similar announcement by Calum ‘Kray’ Knight.

The team is best known for making MDL last season as a mixteam-turned-team. While they managed to hold their own, and kept a good scoreline for the former part of the season, a late season loss streak left the side finishing in 20th place, one spot away from retaining their spot. The change has been made to strengthen the squad in light of other recent events: The team missed out on the ESL Premiership finals after losing a best of three to Ex-Enclave, a team on paper that they should have had no trouble beating. In the group stage they lost both fixtures to vexed, and yesterday a series to the team in the finals of an OMEN qualifier.

The team have been practising with two new players to fill the boots of the departed duo, and are expected to finalise the new team soon. The addition of the two planned players would require some changes in team structure, the most obvious move would be Astroo moving permanently to the IGL role, in lieu of Kray.

The team would be competing in ESEA-Advanced next season, ESL Premiership, and most likely will still look to qualify for the OMEN championship. The current roster is as follows:

Aaron “frei” Frei
Sam “Astroo” Gresham
Zaki “Danceyz” Dance

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