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Royals find a home after 594 days

GEEKZ ENERGY eSports enters the UK scene claiming another orgless squad.

by GrimyRannarr

The UK scene is plagued with unorged and unsalaried teams trying to make big strides in the European scene, Royals being one of them. However, Kyle “Swaggy” Wilson and his band of misfits have finally found a home to guide them after being recently promoted to ESEA Advanced.

GEEKZ ENERGY eSport is no stranger to CS:GO with now this squad joining two other academy teams that run under their name. Geekz Energy North are a Swedish team, currently 1-1 in ESEA Main. The other is a very young German squad who are at the top of Division 3.3 in ESL Meisterschaft, the German domestic league.

This new and reformed Royals roster with the recent addition of Irish superstar Seán “Atrox” Greene is looking to mark their territory in the UK and European scene respectfully. Most recently this can be seen from their deep run in the UKIC CeX Spring Invitational where they made it all the way to the finals in dominant fashion, only being bested by Into the Bin  led by Adam “Adam9130” Ahmad. This recent regional result in conjunction with their advancement to ESEA Advanced this coming season only spells success.

Royals crown their new fifth


UKCSGO reached out to GEEKZ ENERGY eSports’ CS:GO manager Raven about their new addition to the organisation:

We have been watching Team Royals for a while. After their strong results, especially in the ESEA Main, we were clear: We have to get this team! Our vision is to establish ourselves internationally in the long term and to rely on young talents and develop them further, both in terms of play and as people. With the many young talents in the team, we can also pursue this vision. Therefore, we are looking forward to this season together with excitement.

Being unorged for so long affects teams’ stability and consistency, so now this squad which has so much potential should be able to rise up the ranks to join the other UK teams that are having international success. Currently, they are 0-2 in ESEA Advanced and will be getting ready to start the new season of ESL Premiership starting on May 1st. UKCSGO reached out to Swaggy and he said:

Wooo Org!

After a year and a half under Royals, those two words say so much. GEEKZ ENERGY eSports will continue in ESEA Advanced as:

Kyle “swaggy” Wilson
Edgaras “entz” Luksas
Timothy “tvs” Sjöberg
Xavér “xavi” Hebők
Seán “Atrox” Green

Andreas “addi” Wallenberg (Coach)
Andy “Mythix” Shek (Manager)

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