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ROYALS UK Make Roster Changes Prior to ESEA Premier Official

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Whilst epic20 is kicking off in Kettering, in tonight’s ESEA Premier games ROYALS UK was set to play against Finnish team iGame.com.

Just minutes before their ESEA Premier Official disagreements were made within the ROYALS UK team which resulted in Ricardo ‘CRMJ’ Costa being removed from the roster.

Prior to the scheduled start time, it was reported that Jack ‘kpiz’ Pragnell had his differences with Ricardo ‘CRMJ’ Costa. This lead to the players refusing to play with one another. Within the last few minutes, Kasper ‘Kasper’ Løvold was brought into the game to fill in the missing place of Ricardo ‘CRMJ’ Costa. As of now, it is unknown of whom the lineup will consist of after tonight’s discussions.

The ROYALS UK lineup before last night’s altercation:

Jack ‘kpiz‘ Pragnell
Josh ‘Tesquo‘ Faulkner
Ricardo ‘CrimJ’ Costa
Jack ‘J4ck‘ Slosmanis
Josh ‘neph‘ Munro

Since ROYALS UK have been promoted into ESEA Premier their ESEA page shows a series of negative results. Only to add to the streak of losses ROYALS lost their ESEA game 16-2 against iGame.com. As the situation evolves throughout the week you can expect updates regarding the roster changes on UKCSGO.


Announced last night via Twitter a replacement was made for the loss of Ricardo ‘CRMJ’ Costa of whom will now be replaced by Christian ‘stylez‘ Hart. Christian was in the lineup prior to the change and now will be introduced back into the lineup.

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