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epic20: The CS:GO tournament seeds

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The seeds for the epic20 LAN tournament have been released by the good old admin team sitting over on their desks. We’ll release the groups as soon as we get them, but for now here are the tournament seeds in an easy to read format.

Top Seeds

1st – exceL Endpoint (Sliggy, MiGHTYMAX, Luzuh, Jenko, Kryptix)

2nd – Radix.EID (logzi, Kray, smooya, DanceyZ, dOMM)

3rd – Impulse UK (Samwell, JammyJames, Cynic, Alf, nukkye)

4th – Team CeX (resu, Brodyc, JDD, LiamS, Astro)

5th – Chrome Gaming (bmagic, JT, wafu, skuxz, Nukeddog)

Mid Seeds

6th – SKUM Gaming (NK, Hawkins, Muffin, DUKK, FiLLeR)

7th – ProjectX (tamsteR, Ruleh, ShaunSki, adamxoxo, Pommey)

8th – DOG Gaming (Yoshi, debaser, quiver, ashhh, mezii)

9th – Rasta Gaming (Xacty, Quartz, yan0, Hayden, psychiic)

10th – Team Descend (MontSta, Kai, 5haBo, iCY, DM_God)

Low Seeds

11th – Dragon Esports (jamesta, Syphon, f00b, MITCHEN, walkeRR)

12th – wAVE’s Money Crew (wAVE, daydr3am, breezeee, whisk, Trials)

13th – The Goose House (LukeJM, EddieK2, Tattie, -King-, jackblk3)

14th – Warhogs (Norris, shorty, Gito, Slippy, CoN)

15th – Viperio Esports (Samsaker, winternet, zRni, f1ame, stix)

16th – SuckerPunch (Walter0_0, Creidann, Spud17, Revy, luNaRrRR)

We are live at the event taking photos, doing interviews, and bringing you lots of coverage to keep you up to date on epic.20 so make sure you stay tuned to UKCSGO.com over the next few days for full event coverage and photos. You can follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page for all the daily news from epic.20.

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