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June 4, 2019

ESL Premiership: Week 4 Recap

As the ESL Premiership reaches the halfway stage, the pecking order is beginning to take shape after four weeks of competition.

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July 3, 2016

ESL UK Premiership – Semi-Finals

We’re into Finals day over at the ESL UK Studios in Leicester, where the premiership will (naturally) meet it’s conclusion. The two semi-finals kicked today’s proceedings off, starting with TWM against UE, then Infused facing up against Reason.

The first match-up started on Dust 2, the choice of United Estonia. The Estonians (a side now dominated by Brits) picked up the pistol round but then lost out on the following two, allowing jakem’s side to firmly put the pressure on their opponents. This pressure was answered fairly quickly, as UE went onto pick up the next three rounds, seemingly un-phased by losing their star Estonian players. A bit of [...]

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May 30, 2016

ESL UK Premiership: The Group Stage Week 6

With five weeks down, and two to go, we are now onto Week 6 of the UK Premiership, the top tier of UK’s domestic calendar. We are now just past the midway part of the season, it is now turning into one of the most unpredictable seasons we have seen thus far. The table looks so wide open to any team to take the title, although of course, the league stage doesn’t sort out the title contenders, just the four that make it to the finals.

The UK Premiership Finals will be heading to Leicester where only one of these eight teams will get crowned champions, and walk away with the biggest share of £10,500. Only four of these teams can make the playoffs at Leicester and certainly it [...]

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January 19, 2016

The UK Scene – What to look forward to in 2016?

Earlier this month, I had taken to the r/csgouk Subreddit to give a small recap on 2015 and what successful things had been achieved within the UK Scene from events, to teams, to prize money etc etc. I ended up getting an angry Adam “Blanks” Heath on my doorstep wondering why I hadn’t taken to to display my thoughts and make it into an actual article. Since Angry Blanks has been subdued with a lovely gesture (I gave him a free MaccyD’s and he soon shut up), I thought of something to relate to my said post (which you can read here) and perhaps make it into a two parter.

The reason I had taken to the CS:GO UK Subreddit (and subsequently posted [...]

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