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April 1, 2017

UKCSGO Partner with VALVe to host the UK Minor

As we all know,  the PGL Krakow major is coming up soon and teams from around the world will be battling it out for places in the Minors in order to earn their shot at glory in Poland.

Valve, however, have thrown a spanner in the works, sympathetic with the state of UK Counter Strike, they have offered one team a chance to compete in Poland by partnering with us for the UK Minor.

The UK Minor will see sixty-four teams compete at a BYOC LAN tournament hosted by our friends at Multiplay in a dark hall in the middle of the historic National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. We can also reveal the schedule for this historic event in the UK Counter Strike scene:

Day 1 [...]

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February 3, 2017

Valve remove dust2 and introduce inferno in latest update

Valve have tonight pushed out a post Major update, which is minor in the grand scheme of things but has introduced a new meta to the game. Counter-Strike for it’s entire history has featured one rather important map, it is actually world famous, and has an ever lasting legacy in the gaming circles for being not only fun, but incredibly balanced. It is of course, de_dust2, over the years we have seen many many great matches and great moments on dust2. Be it, ScreaM’s 1v4 clutch against fm-eSports at insomnia45, or Team X Vs NiP in 2013, it has historic pedigree.

However, Valve after much teasing (the ELEAGUE content video on the history of Counter-Strike) have [...]

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December 8, 2016

Valve update sounds & de_nuke

In what is fast becoming LAN tradition, Valve overnight have shipped a new update to Counter-Strike. In this update, they have massively changed the sounds within the game (most importantly directional sound) and made minor tweaks to de_nuke (which were long overdue).

Last year to the exact date, Valve had shipped out the brilliant Revolver update just ahead of insomnia56, then prior to epic.SEVENTEEN in February, they shipped out another massive update, which managed to contain game breaking bugs which meant epic.LAN had to rollback the update and play on the previous version. If anything, Valve enjoy throwing these updates out before UK LAN events, just for extra spirit and [...]

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January 3, 2016

The Road to Minor Championships

In the middle of December, Valve announced that they with various other third party event organisers would be hosting Regional Minor Championships which would help create a path to the MLG Offline qualifiers for the Major later in the year in Columbus. Each of the Regions were split which included Europe, CIS, Asia & The America’s. The other stipulation was that any players who featured in the Cluj-Napoca Major could not play for any team in the Minor Championships as these were designed to help elevate the rest of the scene and help progress players who don’t usually get the chance to feature at bigger LAN events in the CS:GO calendar.

Of course, this perked [...]

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