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Team Endpoint’s UK & Ireland Circuit teams up with CCT

UKIC partners with CCT's National Leagues programme alongside ten other TOs.

by GrimyRannarr

The Champions of Champions tour reaches across seven different regions led by Grid who are in partnership with 10 other tournament organisers. Throughout these seven different regions, we will see $3,400,000 up for grabs throughout multiple online and offline tournaments resulting in a $500,000 LAN Finals in 2024. If you are confused about this system and how it works you can watch an official video released by CCT on YouTube below.

Now, what does this mean for English and Irish CS:GO? This new partnership between UK & Ireland Circuit, a FACEIT hub and tournament organiser run by Team Endpoint and CCT, allows extra paths for teams within our region to compete in CCT tournaments which are featured on HLTV.

From Team Endpoint’s perspective, they want to follow the success of their BeyondNRG invitational tournaments. These tournaments were held throughout 2022, and this partnership offers additional official fixtures alongside their pre-existing calendar to feed into the global CCT circuit.

Fabian Logemann, The head of Tournaments for CCT talked about the regional leagues and their impact:

We created the Champion of Champions Tour with the ambition to offer opportunities to teams, brands, tournament organisers and most importantly the players who work tirelessly to make it in the game they love so much. Today, we’re happy to announce that CCT National Leagues is opening more pathways for players to compete in our global circuit and are acknowledging the impressive efforts of tournament organisers around the world. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with this strong group of organisers and to bring the CCT to even more communities.

The biggest criticism of these tournaments comes about as they were expected to be restricted on a regional basis, though they aren’t. For instance, in Central Europe, MIBR are currently second in the rankings with 150 points, and in Southern Europe, Copenhagen Flames are first with 165 points. However, with CCT taking a step to connect with regional tournaments, this will give extra changes to teams from their respective regions.

We also talked to Peter Thompson, the COO of Endpoint about this partnership:

We are extremely pleased to sign a partnership with the CCT, allowing our regional events another path to pro route into the global CSGO ecosystem. From starting these events I have always wanted them to do two things, firstly give HLTV representation to UK and Irish players, and secondly have the opportunity for them to link into something bigger, both of which in my eyes helps nurture talent and the scene as a whole.

Fundamentally, the UK and Irish scene having more outlets that players can compete in for cash prizes and also more consistent HLTV games against top European teams is huge. CCT tour has done well already by showing off younger and less experienced teams which now can be extended to teams from the UK and Ireland who are looking to represent themselves on HLTV regularly.

Furthermore, this initiative actively supports grassroots organisations; not only in the UK but all over Europe. It’s a long term sustainable project that hasn’t really been approached before, and it will be interesting to see how it unravels as the tour progresses next year.

The other ten partnered leagues are:

  • A1 League Bulgaria.
  • Esc Online Master League Portugal.
  • Tiltproof Balkan League.
  • Polska Liga Esportowa.
  • Finnish Esports League.
  • Fragster CS:GO Liga.
  • Icelandic Esport League.
  • Dust2.dk.
  • Hungarian E-sports Federation.
  • Telialigaen.

If you want to keep posted make sure to follow our updates early next year or from the CCT Official website.

Disclaimer: The author of this article is under contract with Grid Esports as a content creator. This does not impact the opinions and facts stated here.

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