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Team-Maxima sign ex Delirum.cs roster

by Gavin Borthwick

The following article has been submitted to us via our “Submit News” feature

Team Maxima are very happy to announce the signing of their first CS:GO team.

The team will be in action in the ESEA EU CS:GO United Kingdom Open as well as other online tournaments and leagues. The team will also be attending various LAN’s around the UK and further afield. The team finished 12-16th in inters and 25th overall.

The teams consists of:

Josh “Acrylic” Morris.

Josh historically played as a primary AWP during his career in Counter-Strike. With over 10 years experience he has proven himself time again as a consistent and integral member of every team he has been apart of. In the early days Josh played for “Aston” gaming as part of the Counter-Strike: Source lineup, later in his career he played for FSBISM and more formally Delirum CS, which he founded and managed, who have earned a respectable name for themselves within the UK CS:GO community.

Jack “Trezeno” Brown

Jack started playing CS:GO back in 2014, having never touched CSS before, he grew to love CS:GO rather quickly and has branched out and played in multiple teams. Such teams include Impulse Gaming, Team Mythiks and later Delirum CS. He has established a respectable name for himself whilst competing against the UKs best, and strives each day to push further, and compete at the highest level he can achieve.

Benjamin “Highyard” Højgaard

Ben is a Danish semi-professional CS:GO player. He started playing CS 1.6 at 8 years old and fell in love with the game from that moment. He started playing CS:GO in 2015 and tried his hand at competitive CS months later. He has played for FSBISM, and currently plays for Delirum CS as the entry fragger

Axel “AlexxM” Cronhamn

Axel is a Swedish CS: GO player who immediately fell in love with the game. He started playing CSS when he was 12 years old, but switched to CSGO as soon as it came out, he started his career in Team Sorp where he quickly developed into a better player. Axel left Team Sorp when he was invited to Delirum CS, before joining Maxima, he dreams of playing in tournaments around the world and will give everything to succeed.

Dan “Spagoolie” Okill

Dan has played the Counter Strike series since he was 13 years old. He played casually until CS:GO came out which is when he picked up the game competitively. He started his career playing for Team Mythiks, then shortly after; Delirum. He has attended multiple LAN events with Delirum.

Speaking about their signing, CS:GO team captain Josh “Acrylic” Morris said:

I’m very excited to be joining Team Maxima and look forward to playing under the organisation. The 5 of us have played with each other for a long time, and between us there is enough raw skill to take us very far. Paired with the support of Team Maxima I have no doubt that we will make a name for ourselves within the UK scene and beyond.

All at Team-Maxima wish the team the best of luck and look forward to seeing what they can do!

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