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i61 Champions Vexed make shock changes

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After their recent win at Insomnia i61, Vexed are set to make changes to their roster straight away. The fast growing and performing side, previously featuring young talents and well established players, have decided after talks with management that it’s time to make changes.

The first moves see already inactive Joe “JT” Talbot end his contract with the organisation after being on the bench due to personal reasons just after signing in June. Next up, Jonathan “SHEEKEY” Sheekey is also having his contract ended by mutual consent, due to not wanting to remain on the bench whilst the team brings new players in. The final change originally saw Shane “shaney” Smith moving to the bench but as of publication he also terminated his contract with Vexed. This leaves the team with their three younger players, currently without an IGL to keep them moving tactically.

Mark “Princess” Weller, COO of Vexed commented:

“The decision was a very difficult one to make but after long discussions between management and all players within the roster we felt it was necessary to take this step. I would like to thank Sheekey for his commitment, hard work and passion he has shown during these past 3 months and Joe for being one of the nicest guys I have worked with to date. I would also like to thank shaney for adjusting to his AWP role so quickly and his stand out performance at Insomnia 61 to help bring home the win.”

A twitlonger was later added by Weller, expanding on the points. Through this, he explained that “a change was needed” and it was “one of those situations where there is never a good time” to make them. Twitlongers were also provided by the players, with Smith and Talbot, who had been inactive in the team for a while, explaining a mix of surprise and gladness for being with the org. Sheekey also added in with the long explanations, this time adding disappointment with a further reason why the changes occurred, “as they need “eu” in the team to progress further apparently.”

Rumours are of course, in full swing. Sheekey himself adding a potential foreign name into the mix.

The remaining players on Vexed are now:

Kyle “Vanity” Garthwaite
James “Lumij” Webb
Oscar “Ozzy” Scott

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