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Team uFrag confirm their changes

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Last night, Team uFrag finally announced who would be joining their team on an official basis. With Team uFrag currently participating in the ESL UK Premiership, and heading to epic.EIGHTEEN in just under a month, it was becoming a bit tight on the schedule to keep their hopes up for the Summer LAN Season.

After the last LAN they participated at, which was insomnia57 where they finished in a rather disappointing position of 9th – 12th, the roster suffered a loss to the team with Ashley “ashhh” Battye announcing through Twitter he had “quit competitive Counter-Strike for a while”, this sparked a few trials of players to the team including one Tramaine “xfp” Stanley who had been playing with the team called “Team Sex” (which has since been changed to The Working Men). However for whatever reason, that trial didn’t seem to work well, and Tramaine had left to find other teams out in the UK Scene. Whilst they were trying out other players, they had drafted in the services of Chris “debaser” Flynn who had post insomnia57 stepped away from the Perilous.FURY team, this was only for the UK Premiership.

The roster troubles for Team uFrag continued in the UK Premiership, after they were narrowly beaten by United Estonia in a match that uFrag had led for the majority of it, Harry “Yoshi” Witt decided that it was time to call it quits on his short-lived CS career and perhaps move to another game (he is currently moving to Overwatch). This meant that Team uFrag were 2 players short and in desperate need of filling those places.

The former Team uFrag lineup at epic.SEVENTEEN earlier this year.

The former Team uFrag lineup at epic.SEVENTEEN earlier this year.

Last night though, the news started trickling in over Twitter, with Joe “JT” Talbot announcing first through his personal twitter account that he was joining officially on the Team uFrag roster for the UK Premiership season and next month at epic.EIGHTEEN. Joe has previously participated in teams such as Team XENEX where he was a winner of the UK Premiership Spring Season 2015, and Molotovs n Marshmallows with players such as Tom “vertiGo” Rockliffe.

The second announcement came shortly after their game in the UK Premiership with Jake “Jak3y” Elton, who also announced officially on his personal twitter account. Jake isn’t known for playing at any high level in the scene thus far, but has been in a numerous amount of mix teams including Girls Generation and the Jack “Jacky” Peters stacks that he usually forms for epic.LAN events. Jake will bring additional information to the team though as he is a keen player who constantly reviews various teams demo’s and looks at properly anti-stratting some teams. This additional source of information will be incredibly key to Team uFrag’s armoury and could be a good move for the team in the long run.

Adam “adamxoxo” Rotherham had this to say to,

After ash decided to quit before iSeries it was hard to turn up and do well when no one was motivated, as well as a lot of personal problems etc, causing the event to go horribly wrong for us, with us getting beat by the better teams on the day! Lucky enough we had the amazing jazzy jeff to play group stages otherwise it could have been an awful event! Then with harry quitting due to (5frag Yoshi) losing motivation to play csgo as well as wanting to play competitive overwatch, leaving us in a situation where we needed to find two players to come in. jak3y has been someone that I’ve spoken to for a while now and spoke to a lot since jacky told me to give him a chance. He has been proven to be a solid pickup and slots into ashes role nicely. JT has come in to replace harry and has a lot of experience and brings a lot to the team and is helping out to fix a lot of mistakes and problems we previously had in the team. Thankfully after iSeries, an event we flopped massively, uFrag have still supported us and hopefully we can repay this by making offline finals in eps and making it into the UK masters. Epic lan should be fun hopefully I can shout at Charley again who knows !

Team uFrag Roster is now as follows:

Adam “Adamxoxo” Rotherham
Mike “Powell” Powell
Tautvydas “HyPeIzBack” Paldavicius
Jake “Jak3y” Elton
Joe “JT” Talbot

The team will be seen next in next week’s UK Premiership match, and also their next offline event will be epic.EIGHTEEN on the weekend of June 16th – 19th at Kettering Conference Centre, which we will be covering in greater detail over that weekend.

For further updates and any coverage related to the UK CS:GO Scene, make sure you keep checking for all the latest information.

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