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The Brits Abroad are now free agents

Benjamin "N07" Pringle and Owen "SummY" Mustard, the two Brits competing in the USA, are now free agents.

by Dafydd

British pros in the NA scene is a story as old as time, whether it was Rory “dephh” Jackson on Complexity, Kia “Surreal” Man on Complexity, Tramaine “Stan1ey” Stanley on Ghost or Owen “smooya” Butterfield on Chaos. At the moment, there are only two Brits actively playing in the NA scene, Benjamin “N07” Pringle and Owen “SummY” Mustard, and now the chip n dip combo are free agents.

SummY is a name that many people in NA will be familiar with, having coached an MDL team in ESEA Season 34. He would return to teamplay in the UK scene, the most recent of which Ignite, but this was not a long-term deal as SummY once again returned to the top division in NA, but this time to compete as a player with Red Wolves.

Although Red Wolves have struggled in ESL Challenger League Season 43, the team were finding form in CCT America Series 2, until they were eventually cut down by MIBR. SummY put up good performances for the team and will continue to finish out the rest of the season with Red Wolves, whilst actively looking at new offers.

N07 had a very different experience in the North American scene, having competed with Davenport University for their D2 team. He had been playing with the University side for almost 2 years and won three NACE D2 championships in that time. From an outside perspective, it seemed like a match made in heaven but, working full-time, studying and paying tens of thousands for “a piece of paper” has been too much for the young Brit.

The rifler has stated that he is open to offers in NA, but could potentially be interested in European offers too. He’s unsure when he will play again, as he will have to start a new life and find a new home after leaving university.

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