The return of the UKCSGO Weekly Tournament

by Adam HeathJanuary 13, 2017

Towards the end of last year the UKCSGO Weekly Tournament vanished from our screens with very little warning or explanation. The reason for this is we turned our focus to the neverending task of bringing back UKCSGO County Championship, and we also started to look at other platforms as we were having increased problems with FaceIt each week. We are happy to say, the search for a new platform is over, and the County Championship is well underway!

There are very few tournament platforms out there that offer a completely automated experience, which is why we are happy our new home for tournaments is none other than, FaceIt! That’s right, our search for a new platform took us full circle back to where we started.

The UKCSGO hub over on FaceIt. More functionality, more control, more events.

The main reason for the decision to keep the UKCSGO Weekly Tournament on FaceIt is we have been accepted as an official FaceIt organiser. This status change gives us much more control over our tournaments, including the ability to admin our own games. This means that when a team runs into issues, they can come to us directly, rather than wait in the live support queue. To keep things simple too, the support system is built into the FaceIt platform, so you don’t need to leave you web browser to get the support you need.

FaceIt has also given us access to add FaceIt points to our tournaments as prizes. Before, FaceIt admins had to manually add the points to each tournament but now we have our own bank of points which we can divvy out on our tournaments. These points will be split between the UKCSGO Weekly Tournament and other events which we are planning on running.

This upgrade to our account also means you can follow the UKCSGO page to be alerted to new tournaments that are created. We plan on running a lot more UK-focused online events this year to offer more to the grass root teams to get involved with.

Another thing we want to do for both the UKCSGO Weekly Tournament, and other events we run, is help new casters get some experience and get noticed. In order to do this, we are creating a database of UK casting talent and people that want to break into casting. We have created a Google form for you to fill out, if you are interested, to help us keep track of everyone.

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