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RE: Why UK CSGO LANs are a problem!
Must Read:ESL UK responds to ESL Premiership qualifiers controversy
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Multiplay announce UK Masters Season 3 details
RE: Why UK CSGO LANs are a problem!
Must Read:ESL UK responds to ESL Premiership qualifiers controversy
The qualified teams for The ESL Premiership
UK Gaming Tours completes line-up of teams

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January 13, 2017

The return of the UKCSGO Weekly Tournament

Towards the end of last year the UKCSGO Weekly Tournament vanished from our screens with very little warning or explanation. The reason for this is we turned our focus to the neverending task of bringing back UKCSGO County Championship, and we also started to look at other platforms as we were having increased problems with FaceIt each week. We are happy to say, the search for a new platform is over, and the County Championship is well underway!

There are very few tournament platforms out there that offer a completely automated experience, which is why we are happy our new home for tournaments is none other than, FaceIt! That’s right, our search for a new platform took [...]

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January 7, 2017

UKGT moves to FaceIt

Last night we saw the first UKGT qualifier for Season 1 take place, and it was a rollercoaster. Plagued with server/ebot issues from the start, it had all the hall markings of a brand new event. Once the decision was made to stop trying to fix the issues and just run with what we had, things smoothed out a lot and a couple of teams managed to stay pretty much bang on schedule for a few rounds too!

That being said, there was a fair amount of finger pointing and accusations being made throughout the night. It was suggested that some teams were using hacks. At no points were demos not provided throughout the night, and the earlier delays proved as a blessing in disguise as it [...]

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December 8, 2016

Multiple UK players found with evidence of cheating

Update: As it turns out, the allegations against smooya below may be incorrect and forged by someone else as has been pointed out to us by a few community members. However until we see proof of this we will keep the article unchanged. The second we see reputable proof (we are looking into it) the article will be edited.


Cheating news the day before LAN, eh?

It’s been brought to our attention that a member of the UK Counter Strike community under the name of J4CK:), who plays for Dragon Esports, was cheating on his FACEIT account earlier this year.

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June 5, 2016

Changes to the UKCSGO Weekly Tournament

Over the last month the UKCSGO Weekly Tournament has been a little less “weekly” than we would have liked. This is normally due to the amount of admining power the tournament takes, and a shortage of admins. Even when fully staffed, the start of the tournament is no where near as fluid as it could be. This is why we have made the decision to move our cups to the Faceit platform.

Moving to Faceit gives us complete use of their tournament system which includes in browser vetoing, which will put an end to the confusion at the start of every round as teams work out where to veto. For now, we will gauge how the nigh progresses with this time-saving feature, and if we [...]

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