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The UK Circuit end pre-season

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The UK Circuit ran a month-long pre-season to advertise it’s hubs, get players involved as well put the platform through its paces to make sure it was ready for an official launch. Today, the free pre-season came to an end and their subscription-based participation will launch at 6pm GMT. To play on the UK Circuit hubs you will now need to subscribe to them for £5 a month. This subscription will help raise funds to give away regular prizes across all divisions.

In a statement earlier today, they released the following information:

What is the UK Circuit?

The UK Circuit is a collection of FACEIT Hubs designed to increase the potential of the UK & Irish scene. We have created a stable platform that will get more players playing together in a competitive and cheat-free environment.

We are reaching out to all skill levels of the UK & Irish scene to compete in our hubs and try it out as we will be providing prizes for the higher leagues and a progression system for the lower ones. Players can use this as a way of playing with friends, or finding people with the same skill from the same country to create teams, mixes or just have fun inside your UK community. We want to help build a self-sustaining community that will help grow grassroots.

Do I need Faceit Premium to queue?

No only a subscription to the Hub is needed to play.

What are the requirements to play?

UK Citizenship. If you are living abroad in the EU, but you are from the UK, you are still eligible to play in our hub!

UK & Ireland Residency.

What do you get as a player?

Admins. Over the pre-season, we have created a large admin team whose sole focus is on our hubs and managing the player disputes as well as general interaction to solve issues.

Anti-Cheat. In order to play in our hubs, games will require all players to use FACEIT’s Anti-Cheat service.

VoIP servers. Each hub has some form of a VoIP server to promote team play and maintain competitiveness and community interaction.

Strict & enforceable rules. In order to maintain a competitive level of play and respect among players, we established clear rules which will prompt temporary and permanent bans.

A large community. Since our pre-season, we have attracted over 3000 players across our divisions.

A regular ladder system for our hubs with prizes for high ranked placements is something we guarantee will be provided each and every month with room for expansion.

Progression System

Our progression system will allow new Faceit players grind up each ranking all the way to UKPL, which will put them with and against the best players the UK has to offer in in-house pugs.

Our hub model is as follows:


UKPL – Invite only / qualification

UKCL – Level 9 & 10

Division 1 – Level 5 – 8 (*ELO Ladders)

Division 2 – Level 1 – 4 (*ELO Ladders)

*ELO ladders will allow players to play for FACEIT ELO when queuing our hubs, so that they can progress in levels to reach a higher division.

Subscription System

For the low price of £5 per month you will gain access to all our hubs and future tournaments. FACEIT premium is not required to play. Proceeds from the subscriptions will be re-invested directly back into the hubs to allow us to give players bigger and better prizes on a more frequent basis.

Launch Date

Our official launch date is Monday 1st January 2018, Queues will be open at 6pm.


UKPL Prizes

UKCL prizes

Div 1 + 2: 2x $5 -15 skin drop every day

Looking to the future

We want to work closely with our community, and we have already had a number of suggestions that we will look to implement in the future. Some of these ideas include:

  • Running regular tournaments for subscribers to win prizes
  • Adding more divisions with an increased playerbase
  • Hosting small LAN tournaments with a different, niché format attributed to how we run our hubs e.g. 8 captains, 40 players, use a pick and choose phase to determine teams.

Thank you

We want to thank everyone who has been involved in our project since its founding, and we hope everyone enjoyed the free experience we launched earlier this month. We hope to see you at ECS Wembley 2018; use ‘UKPL30’ for 30% off!

Hey guys, thanks to all who participated in the free month, we learnt a lot and connected to a good amount of players. It’s nice being able to see the hub grow from the ground up. I like the idea that players of all skill levels have goals to aim for in CS, I believe it’s a good way of progressing. Whether the goals are increasing your FACEIT level, playing for prizes or simply just to have fun in a controlled enjoyable environment. This is what we want to achieve, a self sustaining league that can support the UK scene grow.  


The UK scene isn’t the strongest competitively especially in CSGO,  we don’t have teams at these big LANS like we did in CS:S or even at the beginning of CS:GO briefly. But that doesn’t mean in the future we can’t, whether it’s in this game or another iteration of CS in the far future. I’m hoping the platform will be a good place to try uncover and nurture future talent. -Sliggy (FACEIT Observer)


To get involved all you have to do is head over to www.UKCircuit.com and subscribe.

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