UKGT moves to FaceIt

by Adam HeathJanuary 7, 2017

Last night we saw the first UKGT qualifier for Season 1 take place, and it was a rollercoaster. Plagued with server/ebot issues from the start, it had all the hall markings of a brand new event. Once the decision was made to stop trying to fix the issues and just run with what we had, things smoothed out a lot and a couple of teams managed to stay pretty much bang on schedule for a few rounds too!

That being said, there was a fair amount of finger pointing and accusations being made throughout the night. It was suggested that some teams were using hacks. At no points were demos not provided throughout the night, and the earlier delays proved as a blessing in disguise as it gave time for the demos to be reviewed. While nothing conclusive was found by watching the demos, it did open the door for people to question why no anti-cheat was used. UKGT were quick to respond to this saying that nothing was planned to be put in place for the qualifiers, but there would be for the main league. This eased the mind’s of some people, but for others kept pushing the point suggesting it was pointless to let teams who could qualify with cheats, then play in a league only to get busted.

This has caused UKGT to spring into action. They have decided to move the next two qualifiers, tonight’s and tomorrow’s, to FaceIt. This is very short notice, and will no doubt cause another uproar, but it will offer the team’s competing, the protection they requested. If you are wanting to compete, you should waste no time in signing up to these qualifiers.

Qualifier 2: https://www.faceit.com/en/csgo/tournament/a685704d-210d-41a3-9e1c-b003ce51a096
Qualifier 3: https://www.faceit.com/en/csgo/tournament/9817c6e8-ccbe-4c1a-8736-7539d536c2ce

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