The UKCSGO Free For All

by Adam HeathSeptember 12, 2017

Last night we launched our UKCSGO Free For All on FACEIT. We have been brainstorming the idea for a while now to come up with a complete plan which we are going to release in stages over the coming months.

To start with we’re opening up the UKCSGO Free For All to all level of players as a foundation to grow from. Within a couple of hours of launching, we had over 120 users join the hub and start queuing and playing together. While this hub is open to all, we will be actively monitoring and admining the games to keep the group friendly and protect the integrity of the games.

The UKCSGO Free For All hub leaderboard shortly after launching

Right now our focus is on spreading the word of this hub and growing the community. Once it’s at a reasonable size with regular games we have sponsors lined up to offer monthly prizes, not to mention a bank of FACEIT points which will be up for grabs. The more this hub is supported by the community, the more we will be able to offer moving forward and the greater the experience will be for all involved.

One of the most requested improves suggested so far is offering some form of voice comms available for players. This sparked the never-ending debate of if it should be TeasmSpeak or Discord, with a couple of die-hard Mumble fans chiming in too. For the sake of simplicity and easy access, we have decided to add 10 Free For All voice channels to our Discord server for people to use when using our hub. This Discord server will also be the best place to get hold of admins if none are online to report players misconduct.

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  1. @ukcsgo @RNR_Blanks With UKCL existing already, don’t you think this is just gonna divide the UK playerbase for no reason?

    • @JoeBGrech @ukcsgo @RNR_Blanks The UKCSGO one is open for any level, not just 8-10. So it’s not a case of division, it’s a different thing.