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Team Infused make changes

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After narrowly missing out on a Gfinity Elite Series season 1 playoffs spot, Team Infused have made the decision to make two roster changes in time for season 2.

The changes see James redSNK Littlewood and RossTrials Campbell removed from the roster to make way for their two new players. Both James and Ross had a rocky season in the Elite Series and rumours started early on that they would be replaced before the start of season 2.

James “redsNK” Littlewood dropped from Team Infused after the first season of the Gfinity Elite Series

Filling these two spots are George “ZED” Bear and Zaki “Danceyz” Dance, who will join the three remaining Infused players. Aaron, frei and MCK. Zaki “Danceyz” Dance has been putting impressive work in for Team CEX recently so it is no surprise to see him being picked up for an Elite Series team. As for George “ZED” Bear, he has a name UK teams have relied on for many years now and should make a great addition to the Team Infused lineup.

The complete Team Infused lineup is:

Aaron “AaroN” Hemmings
Aaron “frei” Frei
Mick “MCK” McDonald
George “ZED” Bear
Zaki “Danceyz” Dance

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