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Thomas: “Unlucky on the diamond coins my friends”

After Into the Breach's huge win against FaZe, Thomas took the time to talk to UKCSGO.

by Dafydd

The Captain of Into the Breach was absolutely spent after a hard fought victory over FaZe, he barely had any energy left, but he still sought out UKCSGO to give a quick comment on the match. Thomas “Thomas” Utting spoke about the differences between their performance against FaZe and Apeks, pointing to the lack of warmup as the main reason for the loss. The British squad will now face off against Endpoint alumni Guy “NertZ” Iluz and ENCE in the 1-1 bracket.

You’ve just taken down FaZe, now that you’ve had a second to process it talk me through the game?

We just started really strong on CT side, it was a massive difference to the Apeks match. It was kind of embaressing losing to Apeks, they’ve been acting like idiots. These guys were chatting a lot of shit, it kind of annoyed everyone so we just fixed our heads, came back into it and approach FaZe differently.

What was the biggest difference between the two games?

Honestly I think we just went into it too dry, obviously Apeks have been playing here since last week. I just don’t think we got off to a good footing and we lost a lot of stupid rounds which we don’t usually lose and it cost us in the end.

Do you have anything to say to all the people who are watching at home?

Unlucky on the diamond coins my friends.

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