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CYPHER on his thoughts at match-point: “Don’t do a FaZe Clan in Boston”

CYPHER was over the moon after Into the Breach got their upset victory.

by Dafydd

Pandemonium. Into the Breach have beaten FaZe at the BLAST.tv Paris Major. The underdog story has truly begun for the British team, as they avoid going 0-2 and secure a matchup against ENCE tomorrow morning. After the win, one of their young stars, Cai “CYPHER” Watson gave a quick post-match comment to UKCSGO.

The 20-year-old rifler could barely contain his excitement and in common CYPHER fashion, he gave us a witty one-liner.

You’ve just taken down FaZe, let’s just let that sit for a second… Any thoughts?

Euphoria. That’s it. It’s crazy.

When you got to 15 what was going through your head?

Don’t do a FaZe Clan in Boston. Other than that, it was winning.

Did you think back to NAVI in the RMR, where you were 14-13 up?

Nah. I feel like we were just hitting so many more headshots, like me individually, I was so better in that game than I was in the NAVI game. I warmed up, you know? So no thoughts to the NAVI game, I was just playing this game and taking every round as it comes.

Anything else?

That’s it. It’s FREELO. Not against FaZe! The tournament (laughs).

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