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TIMMO on Dripmen: “It was satisfying to beat them.”

TIMMO speaks about being dropped from Dripmen and how that motivated him to beat them.

by Dafydd

Tim “TIMMO” Musters’ Big Time Rush managed to upset one of the big names in ESL Premiership Group A, beating his former team Dripmen (BLVKHVND) in their opening match. UKCSGO caught TIMMO after the match to discuss the match-up, his mix’s expectations for the season, and how it felt to get revenge.

Yesterday Big Time Rush were able to take down Dripmen. How does it feel to beat Dripmen after being dropped from the roster?

It feels incredibly satisfying, especially after the performance that we all put up. I’m honestly quite surprised, with that being the first game of our mix line-up. I’m surprised by our composure and the fundamentals that we all showed.

Were you expecting to come in and win that game?

No, probably not. Player for player, Dripmen have definitely got an incredible line-up, especially with the additions of Extinct and Tadpole, but I think one thing that may be overlooked is the fact that with two new players plus Fraser (Frazehh) on role changes they might as well be a brand-new team. On top of that, with the fact that on Inferno they got a new player on each bombsite, meaning any chemistry that existed beforehand, is non-existent, so they literally are a brand-new line-up.

…and in terms of the TIMMO revenge arc?

I’d say so, yeh. It was satisfying to beat them but at the same time also help them qualify for Advanced (ESEA Season 43), which is also really fun. It’s always good to know that even if I’m not playing/committed to playing quite as much anymore it’s always good to know that I can still perform.

You went above and beyond in your performance, was that motivated by the fact you wanted to take them down?

There definitely was an element of that there. I think I came into the game just hoping that I’d perform well, regardless, just to say that ‘I can perform’. My form before I got dropped was not good, so it’s always nice to prove to myself what I can do. I came into it thinking as long as I have fun, I’ve definitely got fun team mates in the Big Time Rush mix, and perform without any fear then it should be fine.

You pulled out the ‘cinnamon swirl’ tactic in the very first round, can you talk us through that?

It’s a strat which has been, if I remember rightly, the first time I was introduced to it was when I first joined Hypnotic with Nem, Jins, BRQNX and Freshness. It’s literally just all around the world, except I think I added a little twist to it where instead of committing to banana you can either choose whether to fake B and send it back to A, so at the end of the day no one knows if we’re going to commit to A or commit to B. There’s a couple of direct counters, if you’re not aware of them then it’s a fool-proof strat.

Talking about the rest of ESL Premiership [Autumn 2022], what are your expectations for yourself and for Dripmen, can they pull it back after two tough losses?

With regards to expectations for ourselves, coming into it I didn’t have much high expectations. Somehow, we were seeded 8th, which I think is fair, and judging by the performance we had yesterday I think that is fair. Originally our expectations were to maybe win a game, if we’re lucky, save our spot [in the league] again, but taking down Dripmen means that there’s a chance we could even make play-offs, which would be incredible. Speaking to expectation for the Dripmen line-up, as I’ve said before, player for player they’ve got an incredible line-up and lots of potential. They are essentially a brand-new line-up so they’re not going to get things right straight away and it’s going to take time to build that chemistry back up, but as long as they trust the process, they’re going to be heavy hitters in the future.

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