Twitch and FACEIT bring the ECS Finals to Wembley

by AzuuraJMay 13, 2016

The eSports Championship Series, a joint venture between streaming giant Twitch and tournament platform FACEiT that offers competing teams co-ownership of the league, and a share of the league’s revenue, has today announced that their finals will be hosted at the SSE Arena in Wembley. The $3.5 million league has been played out online over the past few weeks and Eight teams, comprised of the four European teams and four North American teams who top the standings in the regular ECS season, will travel to Wembley on June 25th to crown an ECS champion.

One team has already secured their spot in the North American region, Luminosity, by winning all nine of their Best of 3 matches. Based on current standings, they look to be joined by CLG, Cloud9 and OpTiC Gaming. Unfortunately CompLexity, featuring our own Dephh and Surreal, are at the near bottom of the standings, winning only one Best of 3 and losing four. On the European side of things, Astralis top the standings, winning four games and losing just one. The two teams that were heavily favoured coming into the league: NiP and Fnatic are down in the 5th and 6th places respectively, so there’s a chance we may not see either of those teams at the finals.

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ECS Finals will be coming to the SSE Arena, Wembley on June 25th and 26th

However there is still a few weeks left before the standings are finalized so things can go any way.

The finals will run over three days, with 2 of those days taking place at the SSE Arena. The first day on June 24th will be exclusively streamed online on FACEiT’s twitch channel. Tickets to the finals are available through the SSE Arena website and through ECS directly. Tickets are priced quite cheap. with the standard price of £12.99 for both days and an option of VIP tickets at £50. Orders today have a 20% early bird discount, with orders places tomorrow and Sunday having a 15% and 10% discount respectively.

More information on the event and ticket details can be found on the press release by ECS which you can find here.

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