UKCSGO Weekly Tournament #3 and #4

by AzuuraJApril 25, 2016

As you may know, our third weekly tournament was played last Thursday and “Team Noop Hours” came through on top, here we’ll be taking a look back through the tournament as a whole, as well as previewing the next one which you can sign up for here.

It all started at 7PM, the first match on stream was AlwaysOnEco (who we’ve seen in the tournament before, playing under the name TiltSmalling) vs a mix team called Funk. It was a short affair as Funk stayed in control for the whole map, making sure AlwaysOnEco lived up to their name. They won only 4 rounds over the course of the game and were knocked out early. Every other match went off without a hitch, with every seeded team (5, based on previous tournament performance) beating their opponents without much resistance.

Next it was the Quarter Finals, our second seeded team exceL eSports went up against Team Cheaters (aptly named after one of their members got the team disqualified the week before) on de_cbble. Cheaters looked to have exceL on the ropes for a while, even being in the lead for a few rounds, but exceL managed to come back and take the map 16-10, heading into the Semi-Finals against XLNCE, our top seed.

Another match in the Quarter Finals, Aftershock vs Reborn, went to overtime, with both teams trading rounds throughout regulation time. Overtime in UKCSGO tournaments is MR5 16k. Reborn even lost the first 2 overtime rounds but they regained momentum and brought the next 3 back to their favour, making the score 17-18. Aftershock again grabbed the first 2 rounds of the next half but Reborn once again took control. It was 19-20 and it came down to a 2vs2, however players Lykos and Stempy outclassed their opponents and took the final round for Reborn, sending them into the Semi-Finals.

We then went into our Semi-Finals. The match on stream was Team Noop Hours vs Reborn, the team that only just survived overtime vs Aftershock. It was a very one sided affair as the TNH roster included 3 well known players: PerilousFURY‘s SpeedyG, ex-MnM player vertiGo and the ex-coach of team EZSkins Sliggy. Noop Hours took the match 16-4.

Our other Semi-Final was a real show, XLNCE vs exceL eSports. The map chosen was Cache and it looked to be a stomp as exceL took the first half 4-11, but their terrorist side lacked substance. After winning the first 2 rounds of the second half, XLNCE dropped another, bringing it to 12-6, but a great eco round by them threw the momentum into their favor. They took the score from 6-12 to 13-12. exceL answered with one more of their own, bringing it to a tie but XLNCE had money to spare, they bought again and won the round, breaking the economy of exceL. 14-13 exceL force bought and had just one AK-47 to play with, a great opening frag by player KoRaL- had XLNCE on the back foot, more entries went exceL‘s way and they ended up winning the round only dropping one player.

XLNCE were now all out of cash, they force bought what they could but exceL took the last 2 rounds by storm, stopping the comeback and winning the map 16 to 14.

Our final for this week was played as a best of one, on request from both teams as it was getting late. the map chosen by veto was Mirage, with TNH starting on the Terrorist side.

A clean pistol round by the all-star line up instantly shifted the momentum into their favor, they took the first 6 rounds before exceL responded. The first half finished 8-7 in the favor of TNH. exceL took the second pistol, however TNH‘s experience and skill outclassed exceL and they won the anti-eco and 6 more rounds off the back of that. They were 1 round away from victory but exceL hadn’t given up just yet, they won one more round yet it came down to a 1v1 and their economy was dire. TNH full bought and took the last round to another 1v1 where TNH‘s skill and experience reigned supreme, making the final score 16-9 in the favour of TNH

Congratulations to Team Noop Hours, they took 1st place for the week. Everyone had fun last week and we got some great feedback from players in order to make this week’s tournament even better.

TNH’s Sliggy also gave a quote to UKCSGO:

 It was my first night off in a while since observing ECS and thought I would see how the ‘lower’ end of uk competitive scene was progressing with the boys, I was pleasantly surprised had a lot of fun and some good games. The servers reg was almost as good as my plays so shoutout to CRISPsrv.co.uk

As Sliggy mentioned, all our servers were provided by our awesome sponsor CRISPsrv, go over to their website CRISPsrv.co.uk and pick yourself up a cheap server.

VODs for last week can also be found on your Youtube channel.

If you want to be part of the next UKCSGO Weekly Cup. Signups are open and you and your team can sign up over here. If you think your team is good enough to stand up to the likes of exceL and XLNCE, come and prove it. Our tournaments are hosted by us every week, streamed on our hitbox channel, and we aim to give the best possible one-night-cup experience for UK teams of any level.


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