UKCSGO Weekly Tournament changes

by Adam HeathJuly 11, 2016

It has a few weeks now since moving over to FACEIT to fully automate our weekly cups, and for the most part it has all been pretty smooth. We have had a couple of non-UK teams slip through the cracks but that is almost unavoidable when using such a popular website which promotes our tournaments. The whitelist that we put in place fixed this problem, but also opened the door up to a new issue. Some teams were trying to sign up last minute with players from a country which wasn’t on the whitelist. This caused some teams to not be able to play in the tournament as once check-in starts, the whitelist couldn’t be edited. There is no easy way round this issue so I urge teams to not leave it to the last second to sign up, if possible.

Change of day

We will be changing the day our Weekly Tournaments run on as Thursdays are becoming a little crowded and we want to make sure as many teams as possible are able to enter our events. Because of this, we will be moving our Weekly Tournament to Friday nights. It will still be a 7pm start with checkin opening at 6pm with each round scheduled to start one hour after the previous. If interest picks up, we could also expand the tournament to a 32 team event as an extra hour of games won’t matter as much on a Friday.

Sign-ups are open for our first Friday night Weekly Tournament so head on over to claim your spot. If you need a country whitelisting, don’t forget to direct message us on Twitter.

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