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Upper And Lower Brackets Semis Elimination Stage Round-Up

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Yesterday the first round of the Elimination Stage was played out and we saw 4 teams get knocked down into the Lower Semi-Finals these teams were as followed;

  • VATIC Gaming
  • Rasta Gaming
  • Odin eSports
  • Dragon eSports

We also saw the other 4 following teams keep their place in the Upper Bracket;

  • Radix eSports
  • DOG Gaming
  • Bulldog Gaming
  • uFrag Gaming

Lower Semi-Finals Round 1

For the first few matches of the Lower Semi-Finals consisted of VATIC Vs Rasta & Odin Vs Dragon, the loser of these two matches will be set out of the Elimination Stage and will compete in the Intermediates later, there Intermediates can be found here.

VATIC manage to send Rasta out of the main competition taking both maps in the BO3 series 16:9 & 16:8 making a breeze for their first game in the Lower Brackets. As for 7th seeded Odin eSports and 6th seeded Dragon eSports the series is won be another 2-0 going in favour of Dragon 16:8 & 16:7. Dragon eSports & VATIC gaming advance onto the second round of the Lower Semi-Finals.

Upper Semi-Finals 

The winners from the previous night of games were sent through to the Upper Semi-Finals. The matchups consisted of Radix eSports Vs DOG Gaming and Bulldog eSports Vs uFrag Gaming.

Radix winning their series over VATIC Gaming 25-22 & 16-2 move onto play 4th seed DOG Gaming, yesterday Smooya was a key player for the Radix side being consistent in all their games putting up a real challenge for all contending teams, first map being played out was Overpass which started off with the first half going in the favour of Radix 8:7, DOG Gaming having a CT side which had it’s hiccups meaning Radix took full advantage winning the half. The second half get underway with DOG taking the pistol round but proves to not be enough and Radix close the game out 16:11. Radix only needing one more game to take the series win, DOG get off to a headstart on Cache the pistol round goes to DOG but Radix shortly answers back with a set of round wins, each team trading rounds then Radix slowly begins to break down DOG Gaming’s economy winning the game by the smallest margin of 16:14.

uFrag Vs Bulldog eSports, uFrag previous sending Dragon eSports to the Lower Semi-Finals & Bulldog taking Odin out of the Upper Bracket.  The game starts off on Cache which uFrag previously won against Dragon 16:8. Dragon eSports end up closing out the game 16:11 with the 1-0 map advantage in the series, moving onto Overpass the game reaches double digits with Bulldog closing out the game 16:12.

Lower Semi-Finals Round 2

uFrag being sent down alongside DOG Gaming play against the likes of Dragon eSports and VATIC Gaming. One game being between the two of the top seeds of the event uFrag & VATIC, the second game consists of two closely seeded teams DOG & Dragon.

uFrag Vs VATIC, first map being played out was Train a map of which had been fairly unplayed up until this point goes in the favour of uFrag 16:10. Advancing onto Cache uFrag need only one more win to progress through the Lower Brackets, Cache shortly becomes a very close game VATIC just fall short of winning the second map but uFrag prevail and win 16:14 moving through the brackets. VATIC are sent down to the intermediates.

For the final match of the Lower Semi-Finals, it’s a clash of survival between DOG Gaming and Dragon eSports. The first map went over to DOG Gaming in a heated 16:14 scoreline. Dragon eSports manage to keep themselves alive in the Lower Semi-Finals by answering back with a map of their own ending 16:11. In an all tied up, DOG Gaming take the early game 7-0 and finish the first half 10:5. Dragon eSports attempt to keep themselves in the game but fall to DOG 16:12 ending the series 2-1 to DOG Gaming.

If you wish to check the Elimination Stage out click here. Make sure to follow EpicLAN on Twitter for updates on all match scores & information. 

uFrag & DOG Gaming are currently playing the Lower Consolidation 2 Round on stream live on EpicLAN1 make sure to tune in.




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