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WCC: Halfway, zero wins for Britian

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Three days into the WCC, and the British teams have thus far experienced two play days. Day one versus the teams on home soil in China, and day three versus their fellow foreigners from Team Russia.

Day One – UK vs China

Come the morning of the 13th here in Britain, a large portion of the first days games had already reached their conclusion over in China, with the results laid out bare for the world to see. The picture painted was a tough one for anybody from back home to follow, with the UK not taking home a single win from the action. In fact, only one of the UK representatives managed to come close, with the FM eSports mix side taking TyLoo all the way to a painful overtime, only to be struck off in the final round. They also managed to provide some resistance to the VG.CyberZen side, although still only managing to secure 10 rounds.

The Endpoint side also played two games, versus VG.CyberZen and New4 respectively. In the first game, their fate was even worse than that for their countrymen in FM, losing the first map without a single round on the board. Likely disturbed by the result of the first game, their second and final Britain vs China game for the day also resulted in a one-sided victory for China, with New4 taking the win with Endpoint on just 6 rounds.

CAZ eSports played only one game on day one, and faired similarly to that of Endpoint. Their game against TyLoo did not go down to the wire as with FM eSports, instead seeing them crash out with very little to show for themselves. All in all, day one saw five games played with very little success, the results are as follows:

FM eSports 10 – 16 VG.CyberZen (dust2)

Endpoint 0 – 16 VG.CyberZen (train)

CAZ 4 – 16 TyLoo (cache)

FM eSports 17 – 19 VG. TyLoo (cbble)

Endpoint 6 – 16 New4 (mirage)


Day Three – UK vs Russia

Day three unfolded in a very similar fashion to the first day of the even for Team UK. With a rest day in between and an opportunity to catch up on lost sleep, review the issues of day one and recollect themselves, hopes were high for the Brits to manage to take their first win on Chinese soil.

Despite this, even with the extended rest period, it seems that a struggling Britain once again entered the tournament.  Again it was only the mixed FM side that managed to put up some respectable scorelines, managing to make double figures inm both of their matches against one of the two Quantum Bellator sides in attendance. However, despite their best efforts, they were still unable to bring home the first win.

Endpoint managed to better their first day performance against the Russian 5FRAGS side, taking a total of eight rounds to their total six from two games on day one. CAZ, who had previously only played a single game, also struggled, this time against the Quantum Bellator Fire side in both instances. Clashes on train and nuke, both particularly one sided maps, saw them taking one and eight rounds respectively.

So all in all, at the halfway stage of the event, Britain remains at zero wins and ten defeats. The results for day three are as follows:

FM eSports 13 – 16 Quantum Bellator (cache)

FM eSports 12 – 16 Quantum Bellator (dust2)

Endpoint 8 – 16 5FRAGS (overpass)

CAZ 1 – 16 Quantum Bellator Fire (train)

CAZ 8 – 16 Quantum Bellator  Fire (nuke)


The Brits will be up bright and early again tomorrow for their third play day, expected to be against Team Russia once again. Here’s hoping they can choke down the defeats from the past three days and come back with a fighting chance.

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