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volt: “I don’t know what happened after the first map, some divine intervention”

Lost for words. volt was in disbelief after beating Fnatic to make the Major playoffs.

by Joshampton

When Fnatic Academy was disbanded it was unknown territory for Sebastian “volt” Malos. Many thought he would be snapped up by an international team, potentially playing with his former teammates and continuing their strong form as a unit. Instead volt joined Into the Breach and instantly every UK fan knew something special was brewing. Now volt has beaten his former organisation to secure himself, and his team, a place in the Major playoffs.

The British-Romanian was a key part of the win and after the match spoke to UKCSGO’s Dafydd Gwynn. On his last legs he gave great insight into the mental strength it takes to reverse sweep a series as important as this one.

You are going to the playoffs. You’ve just beaten Fnatic, your old team when you were on the academy. How are you feeling?

I’m feeling over the moon, as I said to other people (laughs), I don’t think there’s any other words to describe it. You know, making the major was crazy, but this is just on another level.

In terms of the maps, were you expecting Vertigo to be the decider and, when it was, did your eyes kind of light up a little bit?

Yeah, Vertigo was a hundred percent going to be the decider. think there wasn’t any other map that it could have been because we both play it, we both love the map and usually when it happens like that, that two teams really like the map, then it’ll be the third map. So it was pretty obvious that would be the case. But then at the same time, their map pick of Overpass was obvious as well, because they love the map and we- I guess we love it now. Maybe. I don’t know, but we’re not that great on Overpass and like those two maps were pretty much certain, it was just what we were gonna pick and we went with Inferno.

I feel like on the first map we went in super, super cold and we didn’t play our game at all. So yeah, it started off rough, but then, I don’t know what happened after the first map, some divine intervention.

After that first map, you guys must have been stressed, kind of be in your head a little bit. What was said, what brought you back into the game?

Well, we went back to the room and we just talked as a team that, just cause we lost the first map doesn’t mean we’re out of it, because we can still make the comeback. Even though it was on Overpass, we had a good Overpass against Liquid even though we lost it. And, in my opinion, how we lost Inferno was just us being sloppy, and had we just been maybe 10% better, it could have gone in our favour.

So we just had to keep the same mentality; good mentality into Overpass, which we did and other than that, just the usual motivational speeches, you know, let’s not give up, that stuff.

During the second half of the final map you were 12-3 up. What is going through your head at that point?

We were all saying like, let’s just finish them right now. Let’s not let them back in the game. Take pistol and just close it out.

Yeah. I mean, you did.

We did, yeah.

Anything you want to say? I know you’ve spoke a lot to the fans back home.

I wanna thank them again. Like, even now my phone is still exploding with messages, it’s unbe- like, I’ve never seen this many amount of messages ever.

Yeah, like I love everyone that’s supporting me and the team. The org as well they’ve been helping us a lot out here. The content and everything, everyone’s been doing a great job, the team and the org, we’ve been working together and we’ve managed to make it to the playoffs.

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