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WCA: British teams represent UK in China

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Last month the Chinese organisation behind the “World Cyber Arena” announced their tri-nation tournament dubbed as the “World Contest Championship of CS:GO”. The event will feature three nations, each with the representing teams. A rather odd combination, the nations represented at the event will be China, Russia and the United Kingdom.

The event format is somewhat atypical, with nine teams set to participate across seven days, and cash up for grabs off of the back of each map won. The series will unfold with head to head match-ups between representatives from each nation in a bid to score their home nation points. Each match won secures $2,500 for the winning team, and also points for the nation they represent. Come the end of the week, the two nations with the most points will face off for a further chunk of the $112,000 total prize.

With the games set to kick off within the coming days, here is a quick run through of the British teams involved:

FM eSports – (nEiLZHiNHo, Puls3, robiin, Stan1ey, jenko)

Looking somewhat different to the last known official FM eSports roster, this side seems to be bolstered by one of the UK’s go to Swedes to aid them in their conquests on Chinese soil. Robin ‘robiin’ Sjögren appears frequently among UK mix teams, and is often touted for greatness after solid performances are our quite respectable little tournaments. However, the Swede doesn’t usually stay in one place for too long, and it appears that dreams of greener grass see him moving in and out of the scene before he has a chance to get settled. With that being said, he is a formidable member to have on any side, and has on many occasions been the deciding factor between an early exit and a tournament triumph.

With FM veteran Neil “nEiLZiNHo” Finlay at the helm, and former FM member Tramaine ‘Stanley’ Stanley in the mix, some internal chemistry may be present amongst the roster. Though, within the last few months Stan1ey did part ways with the team on account of behavioural issues along with his ex-teammate fre1. Hence, there is potential for former issues to rear their heads and cause internal struggles within this mix.

Also joining the roster for the event is Tom ‘Jenko’ Jenkinson, a player currently named on the roster of Endpoint for all but this event. Jenko is a relative newcomer to the scene having initially rose to fame with a new Team Infused roster back in early spring. Since then he has maintained his presence amongst the upper tier of UK teams and shows no signs in going anywhere soon, having clearly made a good impression on the right people. As what appears to be his first event on foreign soil unfolds, it will be interesting to see how he manages to compose himself. The fifth and final member making up the FM side is Reece “Puls3” Marrs.


CAZ eSports – (jakem, dream, MCK, Ozzy, Roma)

The newly formed CAZ roster followed the dissolution of The Working Men, the side that CAZ eSports signed part way through the first UK Masters season before eventually going on to win it at insomnia58. Despite the success, the team skipper Jake “jakem” Mccausland had different ideas and after the team fell apart he built a new roster for the organisation.

Going somewhat a little off script, Jake went on to build a team out of some not so typical faces. Though none of them are strangers to the scene, it is somewhat surprising that the new look CAZ roster didn’t feature some of Jake’s usual partners. Instead, a fresh looking roster emerged with two former Team Infused members, a regular feature for United Estonia and a player who has been in and out of many rosters but has never stayed a permanent fixture.Coming from Infused, Chris “dream” Choat and Roma “roma” Parramore had already joined forces with UE mix member Mick “MCK” McDonalds and Oscar “ozzy” Scott under the banner of Team Viral, who at the time also had former MnM member Elliot “Berty” Towse Bertram in the starting five. However for one reason or another, the roster took a sideways step into the CAZ eSports camp, leaving Berty behind and seeing Jake become their new frontman.

With such previous history, it would be assumed that the team are now more than comfortable with playing with each other. However, with this being the first event for the roster as a full five and with the added stresses that are endured with travelling to such international events, it will be a true test of their comradery to see how the roster fairs. As what appears to be the only full team heading over from the UK, most of the pressure could rest with this side. Judging by recent form for this side, including a current 8 and 0 record in the current season of ESEA main, they are getting on just fine, and their experience against international sides is mounting.


Team Endpoint (Immi, Esio, Keita, MiGHTYMAX, Velox)

Team Endpoint, whilst being a new name to the scene, is full of familiar faces. It sees Ian “Immi” Harding reunited with former team mates Ben “Esio” Doughty and Max “MiGHTYMAX” Heath after a short stint in a coaching role. In his return to playing, Immi has thus far helped his team into a qualification for the second season of the UK masters, with a win over upcoming side Odin eSports securing their position.

The team are also playing in the ESEA Premier division, one step up from their countrymen CAZ eSports, and are seemingly finding it to be a challenge. With their one win coming from a forfeit, it can safely be said that the new roster may be finding themselves out of their depths amongst some of Europes outsider teams. That is not to say the side are not capable, with the players involved being now some of the most experienced the country can offer, but with a line-up so fresh and seemingly in turmoil, playing amongst some of the best may be doing more harm than good.

As highlighted earlier, the roster attending the WCC differs from that last seen of the Endpoint side, with Jamie “keita” Hall standing in and Velox, previously of the Millwall Bushwackers, also stepping into the roster. Jamie in himself brings a wealth of experience to the fold, with countless years of experience behind him, he is sure to be put to use under this Endpoint side. Velox is more of an unknown quantity, though if the Endpoint roster has seen something in him, then they will be expecting him to deliver big in China.

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