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Wolfie leaves 1PIN

Krs7N will take the Scottish stars place on the roster.

by Ne0kai

On Thursday, 1st of September. Andrew “Wolfie” Allan, decided to step down from 1PIN for personal reasons, including but not limited to the insanely busy schedule with part-time work and CSGO on top of that, as well as the lack of motivation following no org offers for 1PIN. To add to this Wolfie mentioned a struggle with mental health, a topic that is not discussed enough in Esports, to which we wish him the best.

The roster had in recent months started to break out as comfortably one of the best UK teams, regularly contending with the likes of EKO and Into the Breach for the recognition of the top spot. With also their recent success prior to Wolfie’s departure including top 32 on HLTV on the two attempts at the Road to Rio RMR and a solid start to the ESEA Advanced season with a record of (Insert).

Wolfie made a name for himself when he was selected for the Endpoint Academy project lead by George “Whitey” White who has now stepped up to ENCE Academy and coaching the WePlay Academy side in season 5. In Wofie’s place 1PIN have decided to pick up Bulgarian rifler Kristian “Krs7N” Mladenov.

UKCSGO reached out to coach and manager of 1Pin Sam “Wilksyy” Wilks for a comment:

It’s a shame as Wolfie was showing the talent and potential he had as a star rifler but we respect his decision and wish him the best as mental health always comes first. However we cannot dwell on this decision wo we will be playing with Krs7N for the foreseeable future where we hope to build on the progress we have made.

The 1PIN roster now consists of:

Oscar “Azuwu” Bell
Oliver “Leaf” Jackson
Ryan Dox” Young
Tobias “Shynne” Saether
Kristian “Krs7N” Mladenov
Sam “Wilksyy” Wilks

The roster still remains in search of an org, to which you can reach out to @WilksyyCS on twitter for details.


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