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zyyx sniped by MOUZ NXT

7AM's star Swedish AWPer could be leaving the UK team, with a spot on the MOUZ Academy team in his sights.

by arnie

William “zyyx” Sjögren has left 7AM after receiving an offer to trial for MOUZ NXT. The star AWPer joins, on trial, for the most successful academy team in CS:GO history during a time of transition, after the old core left the nest leaving just Jimi “Jimpphat” Salo remaining.

Where this leaves 7AM is unclear, the team put up a respectable performance at Fragadelphia including a 2-1 win over Limitless and taking a map off ECL and former Pro League team EG.PA. The teams results since coming back from America have been less positive. With the team looking unlikely to make Advanced play-offs after losing four out of their last five matches, leaving them at an 5-5 record with only two matches left to play (scheduled to be played 18th September).

Their hunt for a new fifth is uncertain but will have to be hasty, as the team will also have the all important ESL Premiership Autumn matches just around the corner. If the trial goes well and zyyx joins MOUZ NXT this will be the second time a Oscar “LVN” Levin team has had its star AWPer poached by an academy team, as before Jamie “JamieG” Grice’s injury he was set to join OG Academy.

If zyyx leaves, 7AM will be left with the following roster:

Oscar “LVN” Levin
Herman “1Knas” Hattevig
Mason “Vacancy” Haines
Zy “yz0” Esponilla
Luke “EMPEROR” Ingram (coach)

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