EFLgg and British Army broadcasting CS:GO at insomnia64

by John MakiejApril 20, 2019

EFLGG is proud to announce they are working with the British Armed Forces at Insomnia 64 alongside House of Gamers.

Presently they are hosting a booth where members of the British Army are battling against the public in CS:GO. This event keeps on building the relationship between the army and gaming, as Dash Virdee, the CEO of House of Gamers commented : “The Army has had involvement with video games for an astonishingly long time.”

The entire event is to be broadcast live on twitch. Some matches will even be cast by Jamie “Squid” Stewart to be seen by all the regular CSGO Fight Night fans! You could even get a moment of esports fame and be interviewed by the host himself after the matchup!

british army

This is the first event featuring the Army in the entirety of Esport. This could be the beginning of a long series of events, and the Founder of EFLGG, Umesh Perera, is very proud of it and thinks the future is bright : “We are honored to be a part of this forward thinking event,” and he also added “The army has supported esports throughout the last few years, we aim to support them back through this event and others.” EFLGG already had its eyes turned towards the future, hoping that this extraordinary event becomes more classic as the years go by.

However, this is not the only event happening at Insomnia 64. The event will feature the biggest B.Y.O.C in the UK, aswell as £10,000 of Prize pool for League of Legends, Overwatch and CS:GO. Overall, if you like gaming you will find a fitting seat in Insomnia64. Besides the esport competitions, Insomnia64 will host a cosplay contest, house special guests from the UK gaming scene, and much more. Insomnia 64, will be running from the 19th of April to the 21st, in Birmingham, UK and if you go be sure to check out the booth and play some cs against our troops!

This post was submitted through our Submit News feature and written by Gustave Aymard on behalf of the EFL, with minor edits from UKCSGO.com.

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