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epicEIGHTEEN: The seeds

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epic.EIGHTEEN have released the seeds for the CSGO tournament and, as expected, Rasta Gaming have claimed the first place seed with James “redSNK” Littlewood’s Infused coming up in second. The rest of the seeded teams follow suit with what we predicted with one exception. Jack “jacky” Peters has brought the first CSGO team to epicLAN with a foreign majority. Four Danes and jacky were rumoured to take this event by storm but haven’t managed to steal the eye of the admins to get them a seeded spot.

The top four seeds are in line with what most LAN patrons would expect, and sees both MnM and Team uFrag guaranteed a more straight forward route into what they will hope to be a successful event. The bottom four seeds could likely have been drawn in any order. Most surprisingly, the newly acquired VATIC team have only managed to bag the eighth seed. With former heavy hitters making up the bulk of the side, and the talent of Charlie “K1NDEADLY” Weber making up the numbers, it would have been expected that this side would’ve been a little further up the ranks.

The seeds for epic.EIGHTEEN are as follows:

1st – Rasta Gaming – CRUC1AL, robiin, Kryptix, aaron, mole
2nd – Team InfusedRedsnk, Joee, dream, Roma, Jenko8
3rd – Molotovs N MarshmallowsfearLess, Berty, EB, chronic, maxyB
4th – Team uFragadamxoxo, JT, Esio, Jak3y, Powell
5th – Perilous.FURYSpeedyG, ALIG, ZEO, Sliggy, MiGHTYMAX
6th – Playhackzcookeh, HoodluM, dUdley, archer, m1tch
7th – exceL eSportsGhosT, EMPEROR, KoRaL, Outy, calv1n
8th – VATICK1NDEADLY, PEZ, Pommey, h0rsey, RIXJ

The tournament is set to start at 12pm so make sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates, as well as the epicLAN stream with Hoss and Crossy bringing you games throughout the day.

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