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epicLAN 27 – Summer LAN begins

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It’s the fantastic month of June and considering the weather is positively rubbish, we’ve returned to the normal practice of British summers. Also, we’re in Kettering for the 27th edition of epicLAN. Just in case you didn’t know.

For this LAN, 32 teams signed up, meaning the event has filled up and the maximum prize pool of £4000 + event tickets. The prize pool breakdown is as follows:

First: £2250 + Five tickets to epicLAN 28
Second: £1150 + £20 ticket discount next LAN
Third: £450 + £10 ticket discount next LAN
Fourth: £150 + £10 ticket discount next LAN

The top seeded team at the event is fish123, a well-known mix team name in the UK. This time around, the team features a number of international superstars, Owen “smooya” Butterfield, James “Kryptix” Affleck, Robin “robiin” Sjögren, Ardis “ardiis” Svarenieks and Kia “Surreal” Man. The full list of seeding can be found here, and sees the top three rounded out by Buzzkill and DarkSpawn.

The tournament format, with all 32 teams, sees four groups of eight teams. The top four teams of each group will qualify to the playoffs, with the first and second placing teams going to the upper bracket and the third and fourth placing teams heading to the lower bracket.

The full group update can be found over on the post UKCSGO.com contributor George Geddes wrote here. This also includes the playoff bracket draw.

The first games will be starting as soon as this post goes live. As usual, the tournament is being streamed on their Twitch.tv channel, with the action brought to you by Michael “YouM3” Cassidy, Kyle “CodyCasts” Mullings, Connery “RaptrosCasts” Maddick and Louis “Lui2k” Byers. As usual, epicLAN will be providing GOTVs for public viewing of games. These can be found here, alongside the game they are assigned to.

This weekend UKCSGO.com will be providing interviews alongside the standard event coverage, so stay tuned to the Twitter and website.

Below the line are Twitter updates relevant to the group stage.

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