Impulse Gaming sign new UK Lineup

by ChristianFebruary 1, 2018

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Impulse Gaming have recently announced they have built a new roster, and with that look to be competing in ESEA Season 27, and other events as and when they get announced. They most likely will be heading to insomnia62 at the end of March.

Announced through Twitter earlier this month, they had brought in a new team including the likes of former IGI.eSports & exceL eSports player Tayler “Taylerdoodle” O’Boyle.

The team are currently languishing near the bottom of ESEA Main, currently holding a 0-3 record after a rough start to the season. On the flip side, their performances in the ESL Premiership Division #2, also hosted on ESEA, are much better, as they sit 18th with a 2-1 record. The team itself is a majority UK lineup, with a sole Danish player, Marcel “Tjello” Iegarth, also making an appearance. Impulse has also been seen playing with Portuguese player Flavio “panda” Salgueiro in ESEA, however it is unclear whether or not they are a permanent member of the squad.

The full Impulse roster is as follows:

Tayler “Taylerdoodle” O’Boyle
Ryan “Redgar” Edgar
Jack “Kaj” pattinson
Marcel “Tjello” Iegarth
Jamie “jamie^” Hayes

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