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epic24: The GOTVs
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epic.LAN Announce Grosvenor partnership

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February 1, 2018

Impulse Gaming sign new UK Lineup

This post was submitted by Christian earlier this month through our “Submit News” feature.

Impulse Gaming have recently announced they have built a new roster, and with that look to be competing in ESEA Season 27, and other events as and when they get announced. They most likely will be heading to insomnia62 at the end of March.

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August 24, 2017

Impulse Gaming Update

The following article was submitted to us via out “Submit News” feature


I hope all of you are well! We would like to share some information with everyone. First, we would like to thank all of those who applied to be part of the organisation over the last couple of months here in the UK as part of what has always been our headlining team as we have stuck with the UK scene, however unfortunately we have decided to close this project, well not entirely!

Having more success outside of the UK, such as our expansion into Asia, we have decided to take our main line-up back to the EU. There are multiple reasons for this however, the core one being that [...]

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March 8, 2017

Impulse Gaming UK Changes

Impulse Gaming have submitted an update to what’s going on with their team since epic20. The following article was sent to us via out Submit News page.

It has become time for changes to be made to the UK CSGO team at Impulse Gaming as Samwells position with little information coming back from faceit, JammyJames stepping back for a while to see out his education and Nukkye moving to another team which offered him a more stable opportunity at this point within the scene left us with Ray1 and Cynic. at this point Cynic is unsure if he is going to continue to play on or just enjoy common life, tho we hope he does continue, were as Ray1 was determined to continue playing on [...]

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February 5, 2017

epic.20: An interview with….. CynicJon

It may not be the ELEAGUE Atlanta Major, but the UK has some of it’s own domestic LAN events to look forward to. The first UK LAN is always a highly competitive affair, mixed with a lot of intriguing results, new lineups, and incredible drama to boot. With epic.TWENTY around the corner in the next couple of weeks, I have started sitting down with various team representatives and their thoughts on a wide ranging array of subjects going over previous LAN results, their thoughts on the UK Scene, epic.LAN in general, and their own team and what they are hoping to achieve with the current roster.

The Trophies that everyone will be gunning for in a couple of [...]

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