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Impulse Gaming Update

by Lewis "xpecx" James

The following article was submitted to us via out “Submit News” feature


I hope all of you are well! We would like to share some information with everyone. First, we would like to thank all of those who applied to be part of the organisation over the last couple of months here in the UK as part of what has always been our headlining team as we have stuck with the UK scene, however unfortunately we have decided to close this project, well not entirely!

Having more success outside of the UK, such as our expansion into Asia, we have decided to take our main line-up back to the EU. There are multiple reasons for this however, the core one being that UK companies are just not willing to support UK teams in such a way that can properly support a team’s growth, with the costs involved and take some the burden off the players.

Attending events such as Insomnia and Epic Lan have always been something we aimed to achieve with a fairly good track record and results, but once you do the math, the very small return is not worth it (though they are fun!) considering the lack of recognition from news sites like HLTV, who will post an article and games about a LAN in an attic, but we rarely see the finals of Insomnia – one of the UK’s biggest events – get coverage!

This highlights the importance of sites like in covering UKCS, who do not regularly receive support from tournament organisers in the form of press passes, so unfortunately we do not see the level of coverage that UK events enjoyed in previous versions of CS. The lack of exposure results in sponsors and investors moving elsewhere, such as European CS or other national scenes. However, don’t get us wrong, we do work with some great sponsors here in the UK such as Gamers Apparel – who we intend to continue working alongside – as well as the opportunity we had with ESL earlier during the year which was both a wonderful experience and something which could and hopefully will benefit the scene massively.

Earlier I said we were leaving the UK scene for the foreseeable future unless something changes. Insomnia 61 will see the last Impulse Gaming UK line-up before we move back to international competition with an european team alongside our current presence in Asia.

Our final lineup for Insomnia 61 will be:

– James “wAVE” Dunn –
– James “Preddd” Capaldi –
– Tom “Waddy” Wadsworth –
– John “JohnK” Kelly –
– Jake “Jake” Charlesworth –

This is what James “wAVE” Dunn has to say:
“We’re thrilled to be representing Impulse at i61. The lineup as a whole has a fantastic attitude to cs and I’m excited for this LAN event already. Although we’ve had little preparation time we believe we can do the name proud and end the organisation’s run in the UK scene with a respectable finish.
Having represented Impulse twice before it’s a fitting end to both Impulse UK and to my time competing in CS, as beyond i61 I will be taking a break indefinitely. A big thanks to Lewis and the other Impulse staff for this opportunity, and their contribution to our CSGO scene”

We have always said we would support the scene in the UK and don’t intend to go back on this. For this reason we will continue to reserve our Academy Team for the United Kingdom only. Bearing in mind, UK players are still part of the EU scene and will still be able to compete under us, but the line-up won’t consist of a primary of 3 UK members, and future events will be outside the UK, however we might visit the occasional LAN here with the line-up!

Though unlike our past teams where the aim was the top spots and best players, this time the Academy team is to build up profiles for newer players to the scene, provide structure, and help in developing them as players, hopefully with the aid of some those more experienced players here in the UK. Though we will still be taking those top spots, thanks!

Impulse Gaming Academy will be:

– Edgaras “Entz” Luksas –
– Beau “Fluffs” Newton –
– TBA –
– TBA –
– TBA –

This is what Edgaras “Entz” Luksas has to say:
“I’m very excited for the opportunity that ‘Impulse Gaming’ has provided for us here and I can’t wait to start competing in competitions and hopefully placing well in them. With the current line-up, we’re making great progress as a team and I have no doubt that we’ll get good enough to start going toe-to-toe with the top teams in the UK soon enough. With that being said, nothing but hard work waits for us in the future to get to where we want to get to which I have no worries we’ll put in. Once again, I would like to thank ‘Impulse Gaming’ for providing us with the opportunity to play under the organisation.”

Our tips to the UK scene for the Orgs and players:

There are a lot of organisations which attend events like Insomnia! Coverage is so essential. I cannot stress it more. You need a clear-cut fan base, and the more coverage the better. It helps in such a large way, and with you all attending these big events, come together and get some of the people here at UKCSGO the tickets they need to provide that coverage with the considerable number of teams the total cost of 2 or so people’s tickets would be near to nothing!

Players – Time to become more committed. If you think you should get more – explain why you deserve more, how your team will stick together for an extended period without major changes, the work and effort you will put into it, how you will help to support your org as well as yourself and the commitment you will have to it. Then prove it! Over the last year we have worked with some talented players who have shown great commitment. We even work with them now, with players in several teams who take time to fill in doing simple tasks here and there, I would recommend each one of them!

Ryan “Flakes” Oliver thoughts:
“Overall, it’s a shame to see another respected org move away from the scene due to the content arguments and sponsor related issues pushed out above. I hope as time goes on and the scene continues to grow and overall expand, wiping out these issues so our organisations can continue to flourish at both a top and grassroots level.”

From all the staff, here at Impulse Gaming we would like to Thank all of you who have supported us and hope you will continue to do so. We look forward to what the future has to offer!

Impulse Gaming,
Lewis “xpecx” James
Mathew “Judd” Judd
Bradley “Sirdrake” Drake

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