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The qualified teams for The ESL Premiership

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After an extended qualifier set, the teams for the 2017 Spring Season of the ESL Premiership have been confirmed. The qualifier kicked off with 72 teams in a Swiss-format qualifier. Sixteen teams were then in a double-elimination bracket to determine who were to qualify.

The eight qualified teams to the ESL Premiership are:

  • Endpoint (Esio, Immi, MiGHTYMAX, Luzuh, HudzG)
  • Impulse Gaming (Samwell, Cynic, ray1, JammyJames, Nukkye)
  • CAZ eSports (jakem, Boaster, Juho, REAZN, conoR)
  • fish123 (Sliggy, Whindanski, keita, robiin, tsack)
  • NOTB (Lumji, ozzy, b3n, Sheekey, shaney)
  • ROYALS UK (CRMJ, J4ck, Tesquo, kpiz, neph)
  • FM ESPORTS (Puls3, fre1, nEiLZinHo, weber, xfp)
  • HEINZ.UK (Jenko, Jesp, Kryptix, MCK, mole)

The prize set-up for the league is different to how it was in previous seasons, with each competitor taking home some form of prize money. The amount on offer totals to £6,000, leaving a sizeable chunk available to everyone taking part.

  • 1st: £1,200
  • 2nd: £1,050
  • 3rd: £900
  • 4th: £750
  • 5th: £600
  • 6th: £550
  • 7th: £500
  • 8th: £450

As well as the online prize money, the top two teams will be able to add to their winnings from the LAN final. With £3,000 on offer for winning the Spring Season and £1,500 for the runners up, the amount you’ll win adds up.

These teams will be competing in the round-robin league over six weeks, kicking off next week, January 16th, and finishing up the 27th February, with teams playing on Mondays. The top two will then compete for the greater share of £4,500 at the ESL Studios in Leicester on March 18th.

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