XENEX sign former exceL eSports line-up

by Michael MoriartyJanuary 11, 2017

After Insomnia 59, XENEX parted ways with their CS:GO roster, as many of the players parted ways with each other. Since then many had been speculating who would be next to wear the red and white of XENEX and over the weekend the roster was confirmed.

We learnt about the exceL roster leaving the organisation just before Christmas, with denied reports of additional funding for a “better” team being the reason. exceL were quick to comment on this story and deny all claims, saying that they would be releasing a statement between Christmas and New Year however, this statement has yet to come to light.

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EMPEROR and co join up with XENEX to represent the organisation

Luke “EMPEROR” Ingram, captain of the roster, told us:

“After our “mutual” departure from exceL it left us a little bitter sweet, it’s unfortunate that we left exceL under such dubious circumstances for those looking in and certainly felt a little hard done by but we understand their decision in order to move forward but it also provided us with a platform to reinvigorate ourselves.

We decided to take a step back and look at what we really wanted. We wanted to look at an organisation that could not only just provide us with materialistic support but a management that knew UK CS. We wanted to feel we were wanted not another side project and from 5 minutes of speaking to Jamie and Rhys they gave that vibe.

We had discussed and spoken to several organisations but XENEX was somewhere we felt our minds were set on but we never felt the chance would become available so to finally be on board we are looking forward to going forward under them and the plans XENEX have for 2017.

I also want to thank XENEX for giving us the chance, we know they have hosted some very strong UK line-ups and whilst we have plenty of room for improvement we will certainly do our hardest to repay the faith”

The new XENEX line-up is:

Luke “EMPEROR” Ingram
Michael “GhosTy” Armstrong
Karl “KoRaL-” Philip
Kory “Kryzih” Da Rocha-Hitt
Ryan “claw” Williams

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