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UK Gaming Tours completes line-up of teams

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After three qualifiers, and four contentious invites, the ten teams for the inaugural season of the UK Gaming Tours have been completed. All of these teams are set for play, when the league starts on the 17th January. All of which intend to battle it out for spots to the LAN finals.

The qualified teams are:

  • CAZ eSports (jakem, REAZN, conoR, juho, Boaster)
  • uFrag Gaming (adamxoxo, HypeIzBack, DOMM, Pommey, Kray)
  • Team Endpoint (Immi, Esio, MiGHTYMAX, Luzuh, HudzG)
  • Rasta Gaming (Hayden, Xacty, yan0, Quartz, PSYCHIC)
  • SKUM Gaming (M4ffin, Hawkins, DUKK, FiLLeR, Nika_K)
  • Team CeX (resu, LiamjS, BrodyyyC, deksen, JDD)
  • Impulse Gaming (Samwell, cynic, raY1, JammyJames, Nukkye)
  • ouioui (Pickles, Jenko, Jesp, Kryptix, mole)
  • Team Dafsan (Berty, Logzii, Thomas, Danceyz, dream)
  • Team Bwanter (Ernst, Prezzy, Rybak, shanked, velox)

Of the four invited teams, two are different to what we previously announced as the original invites. It’s worth mentioning that FM eSports and Reason Gaming turned down their invites for the tournament, as such being replaced by uFrag Gaming and Rasta Gaming respectively.

These ten teams will all battle it out over five weeks in a best-of-two round robin tournament to take one of four spots into the LAN finals, hosted at Centre:MK on the 11th & 12th of March. The £10,000 tournament hasn’t yet divulged how the prize pool will be shared out, but it’s healthy enough to assume a fair amount of cash landing on first place.

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