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insomnia57: Molotovs N Marshmallows Newsbite

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Following once again the significant trademark of Insomnia57, MnM took a close series in an eventual sweep, 2:0, thanks to a variety of comebacks, against NerdRage.Pro. Read below for a quick news bite on MnM’s ongoing run through the prize bracket at i57.

fearLess keeping his cool whilst playing this crucial game

fearLess keeping his cool whilst playing this crucial game

Map 1 took a familiar turn for the squad early on, with the map being set to Train – NerdRage’s pick. First half looking rather bleak for MnM, as said before, the squad taking the familiar approach of being pressured 4:11, t-side. However thankfully hard work pulled through, with them being able to bring it back 16:12 ct-side. Map two proved to be the most entertaining map of the bunch, MnM opting to play Mirage. Taking the first 6 rounds successfully before being pushed out by NR who fought to stake a claim in the half, ending 8:7, sided towards MnM. Back-to-back clutch’s, as well as overall strategic play, lead to an exciting game that had perhaps one of the most unexpected match-point wins of all. After a successful fight by NR the scoreline grew to 15:10, through to 15:12 before reaching the match point as mentioned. The scene was set and all that was needed was a simple eco round to save some money, however, MnM took it as an opportunity to take the game utilising a full eco round to play fast and take some aggressive picks, allowing a 16:10 win for MnM.

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