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NerdRage acquire MALIK eSports

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It has recently come to light that nerdRage have officially decided to acquire their little sister organisation, in effect merging it into the already existing nerdRage organisation. This news follows after the long gap since the organisation lost their star CSGO line-up, leaving them unrepresented within the domestic scene.

It is to no surprise to anybody who frequents the scene that this has taken place, as MALIK originally existed as a more UK-focused branch of nerdRage itself. This image quickly twisted itself into a more academic view however, as they both moved on to collect accolades individually. Leading on from the academic mindset, it appears the core MALIK line-up put in the effort required to appease both MALIK management as well as the overhanging support from nerdRage itself. nerdRage themselves had this to add from their recent Press Release:

After working closely with the MALIK lineup over the past few months nerdRage have decided the time was right to further help the team, thanks to their great dedication and determination to improve. Aiming to join the top ranks of the UK scene by Christmas the nerdRage lineup will be pushed with a specific training schedule in place.

nerdRage has set some rigorous plans in motion, including a predetermined training schedule as mentioned above. Following from this was a set of goals, mostly towards domestic achievements such as reaching ESEA Main, ESL Major League and CEVO Main. One thing made clear is that the organisation is carrying itself with a clear sense of belief, as-well-as all the tools required to help nurture them to potentially reach their desired level, something only echoed by all statements from management and players alike.

Callum Caspian Brawn, the team captain of the nerdRage UK lineup had this to say;

The past few months playing under MALIK have been really good for us as a team to progress and expand our reach in the UK scene. Now that nerdRage have taken us on we are happy for the opportunity and hope we can provide the nerdRage brand the success it deserves. We will be representing nR at i58 and hope to reach both our personal goals, and that of NerdRage.

The current nerdRage UK lineup is as follows;

Callum “Caspian” Brawn
Jon “Cynic” Burvill
Marcus “Hveem” Hveem
Sam “Samwell” Reynolds
Liam “Ls” Scotter

Following from the UK line-up announcement, it was also been mentioned that nerdRage would be taking over the existing UK academy team that MALIK also ran. That roster is as follows;

Dean “TotunG” Grealish
Jerry “CANNIBAL” Stewart
Ross “Zephyr” Fung
Josh “FreeZie” Erskine
Jordan “jdG” Nixon

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