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Not so EZ…Skins?

by Archive

News out of the EZSKINS camp today is something of a shock for many inside and outside of the UK Scene. EZSKINS, a team pipped to be the UK’s super team who have been showing promising results as of late, have disbanded.

The news started filtering through after Reece “Puls3” Marrs tweeted about what appeared to be announcing his departure from the EZSKINS side. This started off surprising us all as it seemed that Reece, one of the talents on the side, had either left or been kicked by the squad, which would a huge backwards step for the side potentially setting them back in months of development.

But things took a much darker turn for the team and possibly the scene itself. Brandon “weber” Weber then joined in with the story. This then raised more questions, but we can reveal through sources close to the team that the team has indeed folded. It appears what occurred was that George “hudzG” Hoskins suddenly announced to the side that he was unable to continue his commitment to the team so left, this then caused Weber to not want to continue playing with the side another huge blow, leaving the team in a sticky situation

BRB UK Scene Collapsing

It then came to the attention of the team that the organisation was not willing to continue funding the side, becoming the final nail in the EZSKINS coffin. The team then proceeded to fold from the loss of the two key members and the loss of support, easily being a catalyst to losing motivation and therefore ending the run they had been on. Goodbye EZSKINS – leaving a gaping vacuum of teams to fill the void they’re leaving at the top of the scene.

In what has appeared to be a dark day for UK CS, with teams imploding left right and centre it’s set to wonder what is to come of the UK in the future. What’s safe to say is that no roster will be the same and that it’s all going to pot once again.

We have approached representatives from EZSKINS but no comment has been made by the Organisation at this stage.

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