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August 17, 2016

fm-eSports clear up roster

The past few weeks have been fraught with accusations, bans and player dismissals that have remained prominent in the headlines. However, in the background it appears there have been some action taken against two members of the newest fm-eSports roster.

A statement from the fm-eSports organisation on their website cited behavioural problems from the two new players, resulting in countless warnings towards them. Despite this, it seems the task of remaining professional when representing one of the country’s longest standing names in Counter-Strike had proven too much to take up, and it appears that with regret the organisation had to release Aaron “fre1” Frei and Tramaine [...]

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August 15, 2016

Team UK starts their World Championships 2016 run

The World Championships 2016 European Qualifiers starts today for the UK team. The World Championships is an event run by E-Frag that has each participating country captain pick up to 14 of the best players in the country, then play through qualifiers to earn their spot at the LAN event held in Belgrade, Serbia at the start of October.

Last year our team bombed out in the qualifiers but team captain Reece “Puls3” Marrs has put together a squad that he thinks can take it all the way.

Brandon “weber” Weber Ian “Immi” Harding Aaron “AaroN” Hemmings Max “MiGHTYMAX” Heath james “kryptix” Affleck Josh [...]

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August 13, 2016

Sources: VATIC transfer management

After the recent scandals over the nature of the release of their previous CSGO team, sources close to the organisation state that VATIC will announce that Matt Litherland is to be handing over his 50% ownership of the team to Anthony “Neggies” English. English, current Community Manager of VATIC, has no current experience in running an eSports organisation.

The current ownership structure of the organisation is split 50/50 between Mark “Crossy” Cross and Matt Litherland. This move would see Litherland relinquish his ownership of the organisation and transfer it to English. This would send Matt into a back-room role, avoiding the limelight and ending [...]

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August 11, 2016

epic.LAN announce competitive bans for three players

Adding to the already sorry story that is the UK Scene this week, epic.LAN have piled on the misery for the three central players involved. This comes in the form of bans of varying lengths being handed out by the Managing Director, Jon “Winbar” Winkle.

The bans are as follows;

Ben “KRBY” Kirby – 1 Year (Cheating) Joseph “Joee” Leigh – 2 Years (Cheating with VAC Ban) Charlie “K1NDEADLY” Weber – 2 Years (Drug Use)

This puts in perspective what epic.LAN are set to do with those found to be breaking event rules. Starting with the cheating bans, the difference in lengths of Joee‘s and KRBY‘s [...]

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