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ESL Premiership: Week 1 Preview
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September 7, 2016

ECS launch the Community Caster Challenge

ECS, the eSports Championship League run by FACEIT and Twitch, have announced the Community Caster Challenge. The CCC is a effort by FACEIT and Twitch to get more grassroot community casters into the limelight, by offering them a chance to cast the ECS Season 2 games live from London

In order to make this possible, FACEIT and HLTV are teaming up to provide GOTV links to every game in the ECS Season 2 developmental league, so that any caster looking to enter this challenge can grab a game and start streaming. The developmental league will run from the 9th to the 19th of September and will feature the best upcoming teams that got through the open qualifiers against teams that [...]

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September 7, 2016

ROYALS.UK join Dragon Esports

Over the last week, Dragon Esports announced through social media and their website, that they had acquired the team ROYALS.UK. This team had made a few headlines over the three weeks of ESL UK Premiership qualifiers when they reached the final of the first qualifier to only lose to fish123. They then made Ro16 in the following week, and managed to reach the Semi-Finals in Week 3 of the qualifier cups. This meant they had qualified for the ESL UK Premiership Promotions Tournament in third position in the rankings.

It was then, that ROYALS.UK became Dragon Esports, and have become a rather intriguing lineup in the UK. They didn’t go to insomnia58 [...]

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September 6, 2016

VATIC’s loss becomes Endpoint’s gain

In a wild twist of events in the UK CS:GO Scene, Team VATIC who were “rumoured” to be picking up Orgless5 have today announced that they in fact did join for a brief time to then lose the team to another organisation.

Over the weekend, after our initial report had been published to much backlash from both the team in question and the organisation who branded us as a “clickbait website”, the team had competed in ELeague Qualifiers under the VATIC name. They had done incredibly well, reaching the quarter-finals of two¬†of the qualifiers over the weekend.

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September 3, 2016

REPORT: VATIC set to pick up Orgles5 Roster

VATIC, an organisation that has been criticized recently for statements they made about one of their former CSGO players, are all but confirmed to be picking up the team previously known as “Orgles5”.

You may remember the team as the one that was meant to be the “UK’s last hope”. but early roster issues and a fall from grace in the UK Masters playoffs season spelled trouble for the roster. Sam “RattleSnK” Gawn tried to hold the team together but yet again failed and they fell apart, leaving us to wonder over the past month what would happen with the players, the team’s ESEA Premier slot and our dream of an actual decent CS [...]

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