PhoenixUK: Formats and Seedings Special – Friday 9pm

by GumpsterApril 21, 2017

PhoenixUK the esports talk show created by Tom “Gumpster” Gumbleton returns on Friday evening on the epic.LAN Twitch channel and will be talking over insomnia60, the issues surrounding the LAN Formats deployed in the UK, the seedings issues that plague our scene and how to improve it. The show was founded early last year as part of epic.LAN’s Stream Team project. For a few months last year, it was an incredibly successful show that provided the UK esports scene a talk show that covered a wide variety of talking points.

If you missed my very special article this week, I talked a lot about some of the immediate feedback that happened from insomnia60 over the weekend, around LAN formats. It is a very very heavy topic to debate about, and something that cannot just be written about, but should be debated in every way possible to improve our scene as much as possible. Here is a great chance for us to lay down the gauntlet and get the very best from our scene to play at their very best instead of fighting tiredness and endurance tests just to keep up.

With insomnia60 behind us, and much debating to be had in the scene, on Friday evening, for two full unadulterated hours, you wonderful people will be subject to the monotone voice of Tom “Gumpster” Gumbleton, and a panel quickly whipped up in the last week or so. We will be covering, insomnia60 in great detail and what happened at the event, from DOG Gaming’s surprise run to the grand final, to Crident really showing their potential and Impulse Gaming looking formiddable. We will also cover such sad stories of Team Infused who crumbled, Team CeX who didn’t live up to the hype and fm-eSports who struggled despite winning the event.


Adam “adamxoxo” Rotherham will be making an appearance to talk about insomnia60.

The guests will be open to questions from the public, either through our dedicated hash tag on Twitter (#PhoenixUK) or on Twitch chat for the duration of the show. Our panel this week returns with Elliot “Sed” Brown who stems from Team uFrag and has a vast knowledge of the UK Esports landscape currently, with his current “Meet The Scene” videos ongoing, Sed makes the panel more interesting with his ability of detailed questions. We also have a familiar faces like, Michael “Duck” Moriarty, and joining us this week will be former Team uFrag Captain Adam “adamxoxo” Rotherham to discuss, debate, and talk all things around the LAN Formats, seedings and what happened last weekend at insomnia60.

The CS:GO Panel

Tom “Gumpster” Gumbleton – Host & Content Director
Adam “adamxoxo” Rotherham – CS:GO Player
Elliot “Sed” Brown – Former Team uFrag Owner
Michael “Duck” Moriarty – Journalist


Friday 21st April – 9pm – 11pm*


  • Small introduction into the show, what happened last weekend, and the drama.
  • insomnia60 Round-Up – DOG Gaming, Impulse Gaming, Crident surprises
  • PANEL DISCUSSION – LAN Formats, the delays, the issues, and what more could we try?
  • Open Air Questions & possible guests on the show
  • PANEL DISCUSSION – Seedings & the issues around seeds.

It should be a cracking show, and one everyone should get involved in whilst having a pint or two at home. So make sure you tune into the stream, support epic.LAN and send in your thoughts and feedback over Twitter and Facebook!!

You can tune into PhoenixUK on Sunday evening on the epic.LAN Twitch Stream, don’t forget to get involved too through Twitch chat and through the hashtag #PhoenixUK on Twitter. If you do miss the show, you can re-watch on the epic.LAN YouTube Channel.

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