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UKGT: What’s going on?

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UKGT is fast becoming a bit of a joke around the UK scene, with players taking snipes at it on Twitter, and a general air of distrust surrounding the tournament. The four qualifying team were announced on March 20th, with information being put on Twitter the following day announcing finals dates and ticket prices for the live finals. Since then, all has gone a bit quiet on the UKGT front. Between the notice that dates would be released soon and now, UKGT has posted three Twitter updates, one congratulating the qualified teams, another confirming the delay in announcing the live finals, and finally a short, but sweet “Happy Friday”.

Last week, just before iSeries, an email was sent out from UKGT providing more information on what was going on to help ease the minds of the players involved in the live finals.

Hi Guys

Firstly thank you very much for competing in our first season, it was messy in places and I’d like to apologise for this. However we have learnt a lot from the mistakes made which we intend to resolve for Season 2. We will also be bringing on a “player council” to help make the event better for players as well, and ensure the planning / organisation is suitable for your needs as well as ours.

The Finals are delayed right now due to the venue delays we are having, they offered us a date in April for the weekend after Insomnia which we accepted however they messed around so much that they had double booked. They then said the next available date would be June. This is too far away so we are currently looking at another option.

I understand the lack of communication & delays have worried people, but we have every intention to complete this league, and we are doing everything we can to fix these finals.

We also will be 100% committing to paying the prizes on the day of the finals, so when we have everything confirmed and locked down please be sure to bring relevant banking information.

I am available for questions, please feel free to call / email me any that you have.

Currently there is no DATE so I cannot help on that front right now.

One of the first things people take away from this email, is they are still set on providing a second season, which is great to hear as it brings more variety to the scene. Whether people will believe the sincerity of Ben’s commitment to learn and improve upon the mistakes made in Season 1 is down to the players.

It is also a shame that all the excitement surrounding the announcement of the Leamington Spa Theatre as the finals location is now shattered due to availability and double bookings.

Looks like we may have to wait till Season 2 to see that venue, Ben.

Something UKGT has made clear is it seems they will be taking a leaf from epicLAN’s books and offering prize money payment on the day. One of the most frustrating things about events is knowing when you’re going to get paid. In the past events have operated on 30, 60 or even 90 day payment terms which can leave players and organisations out of pocket and cause issues attending events in between.

Something that is not made clear from this email is what period of time went by between the date being accepted, and the realisation that the venue was double booked as no announcement was made surrounding a confirmed finals date.

So, what can be confirmed about the UKGT finals?

  • They are happening
  • We don’t know when
  • We don’t know where
  • Prize money will be paid out on the day
  • Season 2 will be better

It will be interesting to see what venue can be booked before the declined date in June rolls around.

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